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Best Samosas in Town

Question 1 :What’s a Samosa ?

Samosa Chole - Rs 12 - 25cents
[A samosa, seen here topped with chana (chickpeas), sweet tamarind chutney and a garnish of onions and mint]

Samosa is a South Asian food item from India. It generally consists of a fried triangular / pyramid shaped pastry shell with potato, onion and pea stuffing, but other stuffings like minced meat are also used. The size and shape of a samosa, as well as the consistency of the pastry used can vary considerably. It is spicy and is often eaten with chutney, mint, coriander sauce or ketchup.

If you seen Darren Aronofsky’s movie PI [it’s brilliant] – “It’s the stuff ingeniously paranoid, Maximillian Cohen is offered constantly by his next door neigbhour Devi ”

Moving on from my skewed movie reference onto the question in hand.

Where do you get the best samosa in Mumbai ?

GuruKripa, Sion
This eatery located just off Sion circle has become a tourist attraction of sorts. Every morning over 30,000 samosas are made at this virtual samosa factory and dispersed all over the city for consumption. Guru Kripa is said to produce 1/3rd of Mumbai’s samosas available in cinema halls/multiplexes, college canteens, etc.

To get here just hop on a train to Sion (central line) and then ask anybody for GuruKripa.

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