Rudy’s in Town – Part 2

Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances I could not make it to the lecture yesterday. I am a little disappointed, Arzan is not the first person to have told me he is a captivating speaker [Sigh]. On the flip side the papers today give us a good run through.

Yesterday, I mentioned

“Personally I feel the lecture will be a interesting if Giulliani touches upon his experience as Mayor of New York in the context of a city like Mumbai. Giulliani is given the credit of reducing crime in New York by adopted an aggressive public policing strategy based on James Q. Wilson’s Broken Windows theory. Though Steven B Levitt‘s Roe Vs Wade theory refutes the broken windows theory, but that is quiet a different matter.

Hindustan Times tells me that he did exactly that.

“Giuliani also stressed on, what he calls `The Broken Window’ theory, in tackling crime. The idea is to pay attention to small things or else they tend to get out of control.
“I told the officers that you have to build the police department around accountability and to ensure that you have to maintain accurate statistics,” Giuliani told the media later. He also said that senior policemen should tackle corruption for effective policing.”


“Also to his credit is reduction in the crime rate in one of the world’s most violent cities — New York. During his tenure, crime rate plunged by 65 per cent. Giuliani attributes his success in bringing down the crime rate to his background as chief prosecutor. “I had prosecuted mafia, organised criminals, white collar criminals and drug dealers. I had experience in dealing with criminals and hence I found it easier,” he said. Another programme that helped him control crime was `COMPSTAT’, a computer mapping technology to track crime statistics.
However, he did admit that drawing parallels between the mayors of the two cities would not be completely correct.”

Though crime is not such a problem in Mumbai, organised crime definitely was a problem in Mumbai till very recently. The Mumbai Police tackled it with a vigilante strategy termed ‘encounters’ but that is hay for another day.

His take on how to tackle avian flu

  • Stress on proper health care to control the disease
  • People should not overreact
  • There is a need to work with international pharma cos to develop vaccines
  • Try to see that the flu doesn’t spread

Rudy Mantra on Leadership

  • A leader must have a strong set of beliefs
  • He must be well prepared and ready to take risks
  • He must believe and rely on superlative teamwork
  • He needs to be an optimist

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