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The Spit Mania….

I love all the people in Mumbai except some idiots who advertently cause harm to the beauty of the city.

I am talking about the people, who chew all the mucky masalas and spit its juice all through the city. Buses, bus stops, trains and railway stations, roads, theatres… nothing more is left here to be spit-swabbed by their fetid mouths.

Spitting is a waste habit one can have. If you are addicted to pan masala or some other ‘shit smelling’ things, spitting becomes an involuntary activity. Haven’t you seen filthy, reddish spittle full of pus? (Sorry, I do not have any picture to insert here. But still you can assume how yucky it is) Let’s see what would be the attitude of a person who spit on the common places.

City of Dreams.

Did anybody tell you dreams die here?

I spotted this young man on a footpath this morning. I wonder what made him so sad. I wanted to reach out to him, but all I did was clicked a picture from a red BEST bus.


If it’s about what you dream of, does it matter where you dream? How many more will you ensconce, how many more dreams will you nurture, before you shatter them into fragments. Tiny splinters that cut into naked feet and leave bloody footprints.

The city of dreams they call you, is this all you have to offer, mother? Just this much and yet so much. A sheet too small to stretch his legs on, belongings so meagre he can carry them along, and yet a sound sleep, where he can escape into whichever reality he wishes to. Reality is where you wish to be. What are you in your reality, old man? Are you a king with bright eyed daughters, are you a suited businessman in a car with tinted glass, or are you back home, to the place where you once belonged.

Sleep well now old man, for when you wake up, reality may be harsh.


And what dreams lie beneath those bright eyes? And how much time until the smile fades, and the eyes darken? How much time until we realise the most joyous moment for a city is not the innaugration of a flyover, or the rush of a faster train? How much time until we realise that the person selling balloons to children at traffic signals is a child too?


These pictures have been clicked at different times between January and June. Maybe I shouldn’t have clicked these pictures at all, or should not have put them up without asking the people in the pictures about it. Maybe.

Blind Faith darkens Radhika’s future

To say that I am upset would be the very least of what I am actually feeling at this very moment. Once again the actual fact that India is Shinning only for the educated class has been shoved in my face. Forget about people living in the villages, even the ones who move to the city for a better future are still living in the dark ages.

And today I had a first-hand experience of this blunt truth.

The past few days have been good and deeply satisfying with the way things have progressed for Radhika. The response from regular people offering any sort of help required to lighten up this 5 year old’s future has been phenomenal. After convincing her family that the hand surgery is definitely the appropriate first step towards building a normal life for their daughter, I arranged their meeting with Dr. Milind Wagh.

Though I was not able to go for the meeting with Radhika and her family, I called up Dr. Wagh the very next day and asked for his diagnosis of Radhika’s condition. Dr. Wagh sounded really positive and informed me that the hand surgery would be conducted it 2-3 parts. The operation of the feet could be done after a couple of months. The cost of the first surgery would be around Rs. 5000 to Rs. 6000, which would the hospital expenses only. Dr. Wagh was kind enough to not charge anything for consultancy and also has offered to perform the surgery for free. He had taken Radhika’s X-rays and had asked her family to bring her in again on Monday, June 26, 2006 for blood and other required tests. Once all the tests were taken care of, Dr. Wagh wanted to do the surgery by the end of this month.


Come on Gods!!!


Fade in slowly

Don’t you see a procession here in the street? A protest? Can you tell me who are these protestors? Or wait… they are coming nearer, so I will tell you…

Oh my ‘Godssssssss!!!’

Shiv! Ram!! Krishn!!! Jesus!!!! Mohamed!!!!! Kali!!!!! Baba!!!!!! Ganesh!!!!!!!

What is happening here? Is this truly happening? Or am I just visualizing?

Yes, it’s true. They are really protesting! All the senior and junior Gods are out here in this silent protest.

Cut to

Following a 2003 Mumbai High Court order, the city’s civic authorities on Thursday began a drive to demolish hundreds of shrines of various faiths, illegally constructed along congested roads.

Cut to

Is any one out here to help out our poor Gods??

I’m sure, they are really not against the renovations in the city. In stead, it is their unity that is going to help us build a better Mumbai! So a word ‘Demolish’ will not go along with a sacred word like ‘God’

Cut to

Do you think this is good sign? If you do not, you must have already seen this silent protest like me. If I were a God, I too would have protested! Really! Coz, it is quite natural! You are given a home and then you are asked to vacate it! What say? (Like someone waking you up in the bloody midnight and saying ‘there is no dinner’!);

Instead, they could have denied the construction of illegal Shrines in the past itself. A better decision in the past would have done minor hurts to this poor ‘halomen’, isn’t it? And that’s why they are here in this street today.

Cut to

And the Gods are protesting! Not to reincarnate the ‘legally demolished’ Houses, but against the hypocritical mood swings of their followers. ‘To get power, they build Shrines. Again to get power, they demolish the same.’

No, bows, no arrows, no darts no shafts… But only one weapon is being carried by our dear Gods,- SILENCE. May be because they also know, ‘If there are no followers, there are no Gods’

Won’t fade out until you think about it

A little Progress for Radhika

Inspite of mailing Mumbai Mirror a couple of times asking for details on Radhika, I got nothing in return. So without wasting anymore time just waiting, I decided to search for her on my own. I guess there are certain things in life, where you have to work by your gutt feeling and something in mean just wanted to reach out to this kid – no matter what.

On Tuesday morning I dropped by K.D.N Shruti School (for the Deaf) in Juhu, this is the school that informed Mumbai Mirror about Radhika’s condition. At the school I met up with Ms. Vandana Havinawe, a speech therapist. To say that she was really helpful would be an understatement. Vandana sat with me for nearly an hour, explaining Radhika’s physical problems, her economic background, ways in which people could offer to help, etc. She also gave me Radhika’s father’s cell number along with the writer Mr. Vaman Phadke, who wrote the article in Mumbai Mirror.

Vandana informed me that the school was very keen to help Radhika’s family and would be there to guide me with respect to what-ever information/assistance was needed. She along with another teacher from the school suggested that it would be better to help with the operation expenses and school expenses rather then giving the collected money to Radhika’s family directly. After all our major concern here is the girl’s progress and it’s our job to see that the money is not mis-used by her family members.

The next appropriate step was to call up Radhika’s family and arrange a meeting with them basically to know if others like us had managed to get in touch with offering any sorts of help. The meeting was fixed for Wednesday morning 10.00 am. After leaving the school, I called up Mr. Vaman (writer for Mumbai Mirror) who was kind enough to take my call and promised to mail me details of individuals who called in to help Radhika’s family. However, till the very end of the day I received to no mail or call from Mr. Vaman.


Bombay: Rude City

Reader’s Digest reviewed 36 cities in the world to judge the “politeness” of the citizenry.

New York City came up trumps as the Politest City in the world. I know, I know, its hard to believe.

What sucks, is that Bombay came out last. What is wrong with Bombay.

The only consolation I can gauge is that no other Indian city was even considered to be evaluated and hence is lower down the ladder.

Check out the entire article, and see how your city scored.

Another detailed article here

[ Hat Tip: Prabhu ]


MySpace Metroblogger

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It’s the place to be if you are a teenager, and its big in the US of A.

Metroblogging has parked itself on MySpace and you can go and say hi.

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World Cup Soccer in Mumbai!!

It all lies in the heart of Mumbai. One cable connector here in Kalina was brutally abused for unplugging the cable during the match time. I think he deserves it, coz a lot of times he does this switching game but this time, he was really screwed!!, thanks to the World Cup!

Of course, World Cup means a lot here. I went to Funkies in Bandra just to pick a jersey of Argentina, but the stock was over by a week’s time. I have ordered a set of jersey then and got it by the next day.

I’m conducting a prediction contest in my office in Andheri. Everyone in the office can enter the contest by submitting their Favourite team’s name. I’m going to give the jersey to the winner. I myself have predicted the victory of Argentina (My evertime favorite) and I’m planning to give a party if that comes true!!

We are working hard even in Saturdays now so that we would get 3 days consecutive holidays from Jul 6- 8. Enough time to enjoy the grip of Finals!

Interplanetary loose motion

The last few days have been ridiculous. More exasperating than usual. It isn’t enough that clouds float by aimlessly without lessening their load. I suppose that being in Bombay automatically qualifies you to have a pained, irritated expression throughout the day, but surely there’s some limit to how far things can go? That’s what I thought. Clearly I’m not the native I imagined myself to be.

Radhika needs your Help

Radhika suffers from Polydactyly

Radhika is a beautiful 5 years old child. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she is a ‘miracle’ girl who stands apart from most of the children her age. Immensely loved by her mother and grand-father, this innocent child, sadly has no school to go to and no friends to play with.

Her uniqueness is what has left her rejected from experiencing happiness that most kids her age take for granted. Radhika suffers from a rare condition called Polydactyly and because of it she has a total of 32 fingers/toes on her hands/legs instead of 20. Plus underdevelopment of her cleft palate (upper portion inside the mouth), has impaired her speech.

However her deformity has not dampened her spirits in any sorts. She is apparently very talkative, helps her mother in house-hold chores and loves to eat fish. But proper education is what she requires the most at this young age. Radhika’s mother Anita Dhangar who works a maid barely earning Rs. 2000 a month, along with her father has taken care of Radhika since birth. Krishna, an auto rickshaw distanced himself from his daughter because of her physical defect.

Anita approached tons of schools in Mumbai city for her daughter’s admission but was turned down by all of them. Making life even more miserable for young Radhika is the fact that no child wants to play with her and therefore her mother takes her along with her to work, to avoid being teased by neighbors.


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