Come on Gods!!!


Fade in slowly

Don’t you see a procession here in the street? A protest? Can you tell me who are these protestors? Or wait… they are coming nearer, so I will tell you…

Oh my ‘Godssssssss!!!’

Shiv! Ram!! Krishn!!! Jesus!!!! Mohamed!!!!! Kali!!!!! Baba!!!!!! Ganesh!!!!!!!

What is happening here? Is this truly happening? Or am I just visualizing?

Yes, it’s true. They are really protesting! All the senior and junior Gods are out here in this silent protest.

Cut to

Following a 2003 Mumbai High Court order, the city’s civic authorities on Thursday began a drive to demolish hundreds of shrines of various faiths, illegally constructed along congested roads.

Cut to

Is any one out here to help out our poor Gods??

I’m sure, they are really not against the renovations in the city. In stead, it is their unity that is going to help us build a better Mumbai! So a word ‘Demolish’ will not go along with a sacred word like ‘God’

Cut to

Do you think this is good sign? If you do not, you must have already seen this silent protest like me. If I were a God, I too would have protested! Really! Coz, it is quite natural! You are given a home and then you are asked to vacate it! What say? (Like someone waking you up in the bloody midnight and saying ‘there is no dinner’!);

Instead, they could have denied the construction of illegal Shrines in the past itself. A better decision in the past would have done minor hurts to this poor ‘halomen’, isn’t it? And that’s why they are here in this street today.

Cut to

And the Gods are protesting! Not to reincarnate the ‘legally demolished’ Houses, but against the hypocritical mood swings of their followers. ‘To get power, they build Shrines. Again to get power, they demolish the same.’

No, bows, no arrows, no darts no shafts… But only one weapon is being carried by our dear Gods,- SILENCE. May be because they also know, ‘If there are no followers, there are no Gods’

Won’t fade out until you think about it

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  1. Reena (unregistered) on June 28th, 2006 @ 11:48 pm

    Hi Santhosh,
    This one is particularly commentable you hav really made a point here… but why wasting time on speaking things that are past..?

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