Blot on Wilson’s face

One thing which is a fact and not an allegation in the latest Wilson College controversy is that a 65-year old Professor was paraded on the streets with a blackened face. The Professor has been accused by a student of making sexual advances. The second thing which is a fact is that the college authorities have rubbished the allegations.

As Rashmi Bansal says, “The truth can be found, if you look hard enough. The question is, can we hold up to the mirror to ourselves and acknowledge the ugly side of human nature?”

While it’s quite probable that NSUI involvement is political, and it’s possible (maybe not probable) that the allegations are false and have been made to malign the college and the professor, what has been particularly shocking is the insensitivity of the college authorities towards the complainant.

Wilson College’s been in news due to sexual harrasment earlier too. That incident led to suicide. One would have expected the college authorities to react with sensitivity to the latest complaint. However, the college authorities have neither learnt a lesson, nor do they have the basic sensitivity to extend some support to the complainant.

“The students involved are not even from our college. They are fabricating stories about a man who has worked here for 27 years. Every lady professor here can vouch for his integrity” said the Vice-Principal P Parkar. Without letting us know whether he has even looked into the matter (whether a fair trial has been held), the Vice Principal has said, “The administration stands firmly by Athawle and the allegations are totally false”

It’s good that the college is standing by Athawle in his hour of public humiliation. They should condemn the vigilantes who blackened his face. They should also state that the allegations haven’t been proven and that the man deserves a fair trial.

However, making a statement that the allegation is false is sticking your neck out while ridiculing the woman in her hour of need. This is while the Police Commissioner himself has said that there is some prima facie evidence against the professor. When will the coilege learn?

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  1. Sakshi (unregistered) on July 3rd, 2006 @ 8:38 pm

    I saw the girl’s interview and frankly speacking her version seem to be a bit altered to suit the current situation at hand.

    However, I am sure the concerned Prof. is surely at fault…maybe of a lesser offence. But by taking the law in their own hands…the NSUI made the case rather negative for themselves.

  2. pragni (unregistered) on July 3rd, 2006 @ 11:16 pm

    I know one of the activists of NSUI, he actually called up a friend and asked for congratulations after the violence. This all looks like a publicity seeking episode to me, where there is speculations that the girl was failed and hence is reacting by doing this. The question that arises is why is she seeking her so-called justice after one year, what was she waiting for?? her results?? And why is her word, and just her word being taken for as the final call that condemns the prof. Also, it is true that most people who led this event, were not from Wilsons at all.

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