What after??

When you see blood everywhere around you, mangled bodies and limbs, clothes turned a muddy, murky brown which can distinctly be identified as dried blood, debris scattered all over like rocks on a sea floor, what will be your state of mind??
People crying on the drop of a hat, people calmly, stonily doing what has to be done. People reaching out and trying to grab whatever comes to them. Angry people, sobbing journalist, scared cops, lost politicians, busy laymen, and a shocked mass.

Commuters dead, people covering dead bodies and rushing the rest to a hospital, any hospital near-by or anywhere at all. Nerves. anger, fear, surprise, choas, havoc and blood. Among all this the only constant thing, BLOOD.
People’s blood, dying men, dead men, injured?? no much more. Beyond that. Even if you see it, its difficult to believe. Difficult to digest, and difficult to live with. Difficult to move on with.
And Mumbai moves on. Difficult or not, possible or not, Mumbai moves on.

Mad traffic on the road, random people offering lifts, men and women out to taxi people stranded on the roads, blood donations, water and food offered to anyone trying to get home and money being handed out to get people home.
People will not take the 6:00 train, they will not stay too long at Borivali, Jogeshwari, Mahim or Matunga stations, but they will get back to normal, in full force, to convince others just as much as to convince themselves.

Teenagers will return to school, and collegians will resume their work and project and make their way towards colleges. Ladies will reoccupy their government job chairs, uncles will restart tracking the sensex and children will question again. The fear will live on.
And the pride and unity of Mumbaikars has been underlined again, in a fat bld stroke.

No matter what, we will stand together, and stand tall.

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  1. KDS (unregistered) on July 16th, 2006 @ 1:42 pm

    I wish all of India had Mumbai’s spirit. Hats off to the city of dreams…
    Keep up Mumbaikars.

  2. BomBoi (unregistered) on July 16th, 2006 @ 4:13 pm

    yeah, keep up. suffer the brunt of the monsoons each year and terrorist bombs every other year and DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I sincerely hope the rest of India does not become like Mumbai.

  3. Bajju Sharma (unregistered) on July 17th, 2006 @ 9:48 am

    Bombay’s local fanatic militant outfit, Shiv Sena, is hand-in-glove with the Dawood-funded terrorists and has helped the terrorists in the 11th July bomb blasts. The investigation agencies must not overlook this angle.

  4. M,Ganesh (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2006 @ 10:37 pm

    As Mumbai comes to terms with the grief of the bomb blast expectedly the pseudo secularist rises. Kushwant Singh in mentions in his latest syndicated column ironically titled -Glasshouses and retribution…..
    “It should also be borne in mind that all those detained by our police are Indian Muslims motivated by desire to avenge violence done to them by non-Muslims in recent years; demolition of the Babri Masjid, Shiv Sena’s anti-Muslims pogroms in Maharashtra and Narendra Modi’s in Gujarat. The perpetrators of these atrocities remain unpunished. The miscarriage of justice has induced some people to take the law in their own hands and try to settle scores with those who had wronged them. This explains the series of blasts in Mumbai, attacks on Hindu temples — all senseless acts of criminality but understandable as acts of revenge.”,
    How inhuman could you get, Mr.Singh?Is it a justification for the horrendous act ?..Has Mr.Singh paused for a minute and thought about the affected families…Simple,hardworking and disciplined folks.Family folks,Hardworking professionals. Intelligent students..All vansihed leaving behind families with suden emptiness. Can revenge be the motive for this? Killing innocent souls…
    By the way Mr.Singh it could be said that the Mumbai riots would not have happened but for the Radhabai Chawl massacre, Gujarat would not have happened but for the Godhra carnage. Could the ‘violent’acts of violence against Muslims like the Babri demolition be construed as an act of revenge for centuries of terror unleashed by the Muslim invaders and rulers. ….
    But the well meaning Hindu including the 200 who died in the Mumbai have never stated this.
    Enough is enough. Its time to cut the nonsense of the pseudo secularists.Its time one expresses the indignation frankly thus creating a pressure on the media to ensure that the fredon of speech is not exploited especially in moments of crisis and grief.
    Let these pseudo secularists exercise their freedom of speech from their glasshouses sipping their scotch in the company of their near and dear ones.

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