Bombaywallah & Mumbaikar Discuss (2): The Circus In The Air

Two friends – Bombaywallah and Mumbaikar – discuss the endless delays in flight in and out of Maximum City.

Bombaywallah: It’s a pain these days to fly in and out of Bombay.

Mumbaikar: Yes, I heard that Mumbai airport is as crowded as Dadar station these days.

Bombaywallah: Not only that, after the train blasts and the foiled terrorist threat at Heathrow airport, they have increased security at airports.

Mumbaikar: Achcha! That’s why all these airplanes keep circling over Santa Cruz every evening, like a circus in the air!

Bombaywallah: And all the flights are taking off late too. Now, they are manually checking all cabin baggage, especially electronics items. They are not very good at it though. Yesterday, they made me switch on my laptop twice and almost confiscated my iPod and electric shaver. The flight was delayed because I was stuck in the security check queue for almost ten minutes.

Mumbaikar: No such things on local trains, of course. I carried my collection of Nepali khukris with me today. One of them even fell down from a hole in my backpack. The old man sitting next to me saw it and I showed him my entire collection. Everybody in the compartment was very impressed.

Bombaywallah: Really? If you were flying, I’m not even sure if they would allow you to check it in. They are so paranoid these days that they have even put anti-terrorist teams in civilian clothes at the airport, to keep an eye on passengers.

Mumbaikar: Baba! I would feel so conscious every time I had to pick my nose.

Overheard at half past midnight outside the domestic airport after my one hour flight into the city was delayed by three hour.

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  1. Viewer (unregistered) on August 22nd, 2006 @ 11:05 pm

    Its so pathetic … jsu shows how incosiderate the gov is to th local people who risk their life almost every day travelling by trains.

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