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Wordmasters Mumbai India

Google Wordmasters 2006 contest.


The event will take place on Saturday 30th September, starting at 11 .00 am, and will take about 2 hours.

Reporting Time- Between 10:30 a.m -10:45 am

VENUE: R.D. National College


Meera Watumuli Auditorium,
Linking Road,
Mumbai – 400050

No Excess for INXS

No Excess for INXS
[A store in Bandra – the name and logo are purely coincidental I think]

One of the sad parts about living in Mumbai or any other Indian city for that matter is the lack of any worthwhile live music. It is so disconcerting to find only 3 entries in The Time Out Mumbai music listings. Two of which are Indo-Jazz fusion gigs at 5 star hotels and the third is “Bollywood Hollywood Karaoke Night” at Not Just Jazz by the bay. Gigpad adds a few more gigs to the list but let’s face it Mumbai is starved of good live music. Yes we do get a good gig are our way once in a while but than again Mumbai often magically disappears off the list whenever a good band announces a world tour.

Anyways this was supposed to be rant on the band INXS and on a sulk about music. Yes as you may know INXS is going to be playing in Mumbai and Bangalore in the coming week. Personally for me INXS died the day Michael Hutchence was found dead in his hotel room. The former Elvis impersonator and new INXS vocalist J.D. Fortune, a product of the reality television show RockStar INXS, in my book is nothing more than a hutchence impersonator. Then again the reviews of some of the concerts on their recent ‘Switched ON’ tour tell me they have been singing some of the older INXS numbers which could make the concert worthwhile.

INXS was recently dumped by their American label and also had to cancel the European leg of their tour – so this could well be one of your last chances to see them before they split and have to find a another reality television show to find a new vocalist – HA !

If you want to catch them they are playing on 5 th October at MUMBAI MMRDA GROUNDS, Bandra Kurla Complex. The gates open at 6.00PM and the concert suposedly starts at 7.30PM. Tickets are available at Rs 1200 and Rs 700.

For more info you can check out INXS’s website or called the organizer OranJuice at 32923989

A smallest piece of happiness…

Happiness spurs your moods up! Even the smallest things would feel the greatest. Then you will feel like talking to people and sharing that great reason of being so happy and charged up.

A Rickshaw driver is my hero today. I just got him yesterday from Andheri. I had to go to Santacruz.

‘I have to reach Santacrus urgently’ , I told him.

Unlike most of the other drivers, this guy has got me through the shortest distance possible, where traffic hardly annoyed.

At the end, the meter read 40. I gave him 50 bucks and he returned 11. By this time, the meter had jumped to 41. I gave him back the 1 rupee. With a pleasing face he hesitated.!

’39 is the exact fare and you already gave me that’

Amusement widened my eyes, though there was nothing to be amused so much. But hearing something like this, from some one like him had a special charm of itself!

Now I’m happy because I got him to take me to and from my office every day.

I love Dire Warnings

This guy most definitely doesn’t want any visitors.

Wait there is more.

I love Dire Warnings

As seen somewhere in Bandra.

Flowers for you

Manoori 139

Love the bring orange color

Experimenting my hands on flower and fona


Mr. Blue Sky

Manish at Ultrabrown says

It’s 84 degrees and sunny today. It feels like California in Bandra, a confluence of left coast mausams. Certain climes have deeply saturated colors, and the closer to the equator, the more vibrant the hues. For all its natural beauty, Seattle never breathed intensity through my lens the way San Francisco did, a peculiar trick of sunlight. Bombay does.

I agree we have been getting some extra-ordinary looking skies than usual.

Question of the Day - What do you see from window closest to you ?

This actually what you see from my window.

Not to mention Rainbows I’ve seen two this last fortnight.

The Strand Book Fair

Flea Market

It is time to stock up on those books again – with over 40,000 titles of display and amazing discounts to boot one can not afford to miss The Strand Book Fair. I was there last year and I completely lost picked up way to many books and had to be dragged out kicking and screaming. In my opinion for anyone in the vicinity of Bombay, the book fair is an absolute must visit.

Here the address for those who are interested

Vidyanidhi Complex, Upanagar Shikshan Mandal,
Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture,
Vidyanidhi Marg,opposite Kaifi Azmi Park, JVPD Scheme.

Timings 10 am to 8 pm – Open all days from 19th to 30th Sept.
You could visit their website for further details –

Trees falling in monsoon

This is an article submitted by regular Metblog Mumbai reader Nandan Kalbag a Horticultural Consultant

Some tree falling in monsoon is a regular feature in Mumbai. Also it is not rare to hear about the deaths and vehicles getting crushed under falling trees. Mumbai city has already turned in to a veritable desert. Municipal Corporation & many NGOs give out tree saplings free of cost. Unfortunately neither of them has much knowledge about the trees. Many tree lovers do take these saplings. However, the question is, how many of these saplings are really planted and how many of them survive to become trees.

Though this effort to green the city is laudable, some very important factors are completely neglected by these good Samaritans. The saplings, which are palmed off, are mostly of Rain tree, Gulmohur, Nilgiri and Peltophorum or any such large growing and alien trees. In Mumbai where is the place to plant such large trees? These trees, if they do survive and grow, the very tree lovers who planted them realize their folly. Branches of trees planted close to buildings either block the natural light or are a security risk. There are many instances when thieves found easy entry in to flats adjoining the trees. Trimming these trees is also a big problem. The first stumbling block is “The Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Preservation of Trees Act.” The Act does not mention a word about trimming a tree. The Tree Officer and other officers and even servants subordinate to them are authorized to take such steps as they think fit to follow the Act. The Local goons, Corporators & the so-called ‘Tree lovers’ are always on the lookout. If they find any tree being lopped, they promptly start blackmailing. However, even felling a tree is very easy if one knows the ways and means.

“Where In Bombay Do You Stay?”

errr, i live (not stay) in south bombay, thanks for asking.

it might be patently obvious even to those who ask the right questions for the first 5 minutes of a conversation. fine. i’ll admit it myself: i talk the talk, i live in a skyscraper, i went to “those schools”, i went abroad to get an undergraduate degree, i strive to speak impeccable english (and most often succeed in doing so), and i truly consider going anywhere beyond parel an anxiety-fraught schlep that in many cases is not worth the travel time.

but being “from somewhere” is really not a crime, people. especially not south bombay. and don’t make me feel guilty or naive for it. it’s the life i know, the life i am comfortable with, and you cannot tell me that the “true bombay” is in the burbs, and that i should make the trek out more often, because

1) who the heck are you to define the “real” city? every window in a metropolis has a story, so don’t presume to tell me that another story is more valid than mine, or another area more “real”
2) have you SEEN the roads in andheri? and the traffic? why would i subject myself to this kind of torture on a more regular basis?!
3) infiniti mall is really. not. that. impressive. landmark books in infiniti mall, yes, resoundingly so, but infiniti mall itself? errr…. no.
4) even though bombay may be a safer city than most others for women, i still don’t feel comfortable travelling on trains after dark.
5) the buses have cockroaches (i speak specifically of the A-2 A/C bus, which although it is a great service, is not one i could use every day), and dude, seijo and the soul dish has cockroaches, too.
6) the dust i’m exposed to when i travel to the burbs ruins my skin. no, i’m not saying all of south bombay breathes clean air and drinks ambrosia out of pearl cups, but you have to admit — it’s simple science — that being out on the road for longer exposes you to traffic fumes for a longer period. (and no, the A/C bus is not my sole method of transportation, so it is a matter of concern to me.)
7) who’s to say that with quality spots like the bombay gymkhana, salt water grill, indigo, moshe’s, barista, bade miyan, ming palace, regal, basilico, colaba causeway, the tasting room, trattoria, nature’s basket, gaylord, theobroma, cafe churchill, inox, pizzeria uno (or whatever they’re calling it these days), mondy’s, the ghetto, new yorker and cream center, bachelor’s, prive, polly esther’s, noodle bar, atria mall, and the new china garden (dim sum, yum yum!) to choose from, i really *need* to go exploring?

i’m quite happy where i am, thank you — and be it said, in public now, that i don’t feel the need to apologize either for my origins or for my choices.

Indian Artists and the Flat World

This is the title of a lecture by New York based Indian artist Sharmistha Ray.

Date: Thursday, September 21st, 2006,

Time: 6pm

Venue: The Children’s Creative Center, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly the Prince of Wales Museum), M.G. Road, Mumbai 400001.

Sharmistha Ray is an artist whose feet are firmly planted in two worlds. Indian-born but living mostly in America and elsewhere abroad, she combines

an understanding of the issues relevant to Indian life and culture with a critical awareness of how Indian art is regarded by the International art


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