Bombaywallah & Mumbaikar Discuss (9): Absolut Pothole

Two friends – Bombaywallah & Mumbaikar – discuss BMC’s claim that 42,914 potholes have already been filled after the rains, and only 133 remain (TOI).

Mumbaikar: The BMC claims that, by the September 1 high court deadline for making Mumbai pothole-free, they have filled all but 133 potholes in the city.

Bombaywallah: And how many have they filled? 13?

Mumbaikar: Actually, they claim that they have filled almost 43,000.

Bombaywallah: Ever since independence?

Mumbaikar: No, baba! After the rains.

Bombaywallah: So, they are saying that they have completed more than 99% of the work! And what did the high court say?

Mumbaikar: The high court told them that more hard work was needed and gave them another week to finish off the remaining work.

My car was stuck just next to theirs in an interminable traffic jam a few kilometers before the Express Highway to Pune. After a few minutes of stoic silence, just as I finished my cigarette and rolled up my car window, I overheard them again.

Mumbaikar: But this isn’t really Mumbai, you know, and maybe, they are starting from the city centre and moving out. Maybe these are the last hundred odd potholes left in Mumbai.

Bombaywallah: Or maybe, since there is no road here, only potholes, they have counted this entire stretch as one Absolut Pothole.

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