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Sanjay Dutt Convicted : Following Gandhi’s Footsteps to Prison

Sanjay Dutt back in Prison

Sanjay Dutt has been found guilty of possessing an AK-56 rifle and a 9mm pistol under India’s Arms Act. Whole morning I have been keeping a tab via on-line news regarding Dutt Jr. court appearance today. To tell you the truth with the success of his recent films, regular television interviews and numerous rounds of holy places – I actually believed that he would be let-off by the Indian courts.

Just like me, I am sure there are many others who would have surely been shocked on hearing this court verdict. Though he was acquitted of more serious conspiracy charges, Sanjay could still face upto maximum 5 years in prison for the charges he has been found guilty off.

Obviously the judge’s ruling did not go down with the accused and his family.

BBC reports:

Dutt was in court to hear Tuesday’s verdict and looked agitated as the judge delivered his verdict.

Dressed in a grey and red-checked shirt and jeans with a vermillion mark on his forehead, the actor told the judge: “I am the only earning member of the family.”

He was ordered to stop speaking and to remain in court. All accused pronounced guilty are immediately taken into police custody.

Judge PD Kode said the actor was guilty of illegally possessing weapons that had been given to him by some of the men accused of carrying out the bomb attacks, but he added: “I’ve not found him to be a terrorist or destructor.”


The Breach Candy Sandwich


The Gorment Cartographer chronicles one my favorite Mumbai streets foods the “Breach Candy Grilled sandwich” (a.k.a the Grilled Veggie Sandwich).

Over to her,

This is the sandwich I always talk about. Vegetarian sandwiches in the US do not compare to this. It’s so buttery and crispy and filling (it’s a struggle to finish one). In past years, the sandwich has definitely been more tasty than when I had it last week (two days after I landed)… I think they changed the chutney making man

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I would definitely agree the Bombaiya grilled sandwich takes the bite for a great and tasty vegetarian sandwich – nothing compares.

Funny Bones


This caught my eye. It was written at the back of a match box :))

A Traveller and The Indian way to travel

A hardcore backpacker who is passionate about his travel. Photogrphy is his second passion and likes to call himself “The Lord of the Camera”. Is obssesed about shooting legs especially his own lazy legs. Alx Barta a German traveller whome finds the concept of Moustache ridiculously funny. After his first visit to India he ouched never to return back to this country which is over polluted and over populatd, but this is his fourth visit here. Has travelled as far as Afghanisthan and Madagascar. He hopes to visit Cuba soon. Over a chilled beer he made me realise that we are never alone when we travel. And it takes a lot of strength to travel alone. He said that to travel passionately we need to surrender our insecurities to our destiny. In just a matter of hours with him I learnt a new lessons on travel. Funny how people can change your thoughts even if it is in a small way in just a matter of few hours.



Alex and his obession – Legs

It is not very popular to find a lot of Indian backpackers travelling within the country or outside but this typeof travel is catching up fast as a trend in India. The differnence would be that foreign backpackers spend every penny what they ave and travel to lengths and we Indians are a bit cautious about getting broke totally and usually preferto save some money esp for pursuing the passion to travel. Slowly but steadily we are learning to appreaciate the charm in travelling the poor mans way and we are understanding that you really can taste the true flavour of travel through backpacking.

The Market

Shopping is in a way thereputic for me… I like to shop whenever I get a chance. On of my favourite place in Mumbai to shop nick nacks for my house is Crawford market – A place which is always bustling with activities.. Hawkers shouting their guts out hoping to attract customers, People bargaining to get a steal deal ( Trust me u really find things pretty affordable and reasonble), Men pulling heavy loads on carts and trying to squeeze intothe tiny lanes… these are some of the things u will always find in Crawford. Last week I was helping my freind set up her new home and I also managed to capture some glimpses of this unique market where u are bound to fine anything and everything.

Crawford Market

Can u belive it that these are plastice flowers ?? U get them in all shapes and colors

Crawford Market

Crawford Market

U can get all types of home electric appliances here are a pretty reasonable rate

Crawford Market

One will definetly get lost in the amount of variety of kitchenware and crockery u can get here

Crawford Market

Can u belive it this jus cost 2500/-

Crawford Market

Variety is the spice of Life.

Buildings as Letters

As an architect, I find this a little corny, but what the heck….I cant hide away from reality, can I ??

Make your own letters here

The Village

Kharghar is one place where a new building is sprouting every other day. I cant say that it is populated yet but cant deny that it will be soon, and the day is not far..
One thing I like about this palce is that even though there has been light years of development in this area there are still some remanants of the ancient times.
I visited this village near the foothills and I was overwhelmed how close they live to a urban place ( approx 30- 45 mins walk ) yet they seem like they are totally cut off from the this world and have created a wolrd of their own.

Sun And Shadow

The kaccha road that leads to the village

The Village Temple

The Village Temple where the entire village come together to celebrate as a community, be it a festival or a marriage.

House by the well

Champa with her pots of water

The Village Well from where the entire village gets water.

Home sweet Home

The Houses made of bamboo and sticks.

Lets pose

The friendly kids

Corrugated metal sheets stained in Blood

The crumpled piece of yellow and black corrugated metal sheet is stained in blood as shards of glass lie scattered all over the pavement. This November night though pleasant and cool in its exterior has been stark witness to a sinister crime. The only mistake committed by the victims was that they happened to be sleeping on a pavement. The young immature “allegedly” drunken joy riders have struck again, hurling their fast car, fueled on a deadly mix of alcohol and petrol into Mumbai’s innocent poor killing them instantly.

According to PTI

Six persons, including two children, were killed and eight others injured when they were run over by a car on Carter Road in Bandra, Mumbai, in the wee hours today.

The incident happened around 3:45 am, the police said, adding that the victims, construction workers from Tamil Nadu, were sleeping on the pavement when a Toyota Corolla mowed them over.

“Three youths have been arrested, of which two, including the driver, tested positive for alcohol,” Additional Commissioner of Police (West region) Bipin Bihari said. The accused were returning from a private party, he added.

A case has been registered against Aliston Pereira, (21) who was driving the car, Calvin (18) and Jacob, all residents of Bandra, at Khar police station.

A five-year-old boy and a seven-year-old girl, three women and a man were among the dead, while six men and two women were injured, the police said, adding that the injured were admitted to Bhabha Hospital in Bandra.

I feel stronger about this story than I usually would. A few days ago I happened to walk pass the encampments where these migrant workers from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu lived. I took this picture of this young girl calling out to her kid brother. I cant help feeling haunted by the fact that the girl in the picture and her brother could possibly be dead. I only hope and pray that they are not among the casualties.

Bird feeding prohibited in Mumbai’s public places

Seems like the Mumbai’s civic officials are also going the English way when it comes to pigeon-feeding issue at one of the most-popular destination in Mumbai city – Marine Drive.

Civic officials have begun imposing fines of 500 rupees ($11) on people caught feeding pigeons in Mumbai’s posh Marine Drive area overlooking the Arabian Sea in an attempt to keep their city clean and disease free, an official said Tuesday.

Civic officials circulated handbills last week with the warning, “Bird feeding is prohibited in public places.”

At least 20 people have been fined since the cleanliness drive began over the weekend, Vijay Balamwar, Mumbai’s assistant municipal commissioner, said.

Tourists and local residents will now have to restrict themselves to scattering corn for pigeons at a designated spot in the area, Balamwar said. Mumbai is India’s financial and entertainment capital.

Thankfully this time round regular public and residents have welcomed the move and have ensured to maintain the newly imposed law.

I Want My MTV

I think this is a only in Mumbai picture easily – look at the number of broken television this guy has stacked up. Just imagine the amount of static all those televisions would create if they were all on full volume – just a thought.
Look at that dude coolly sitting nonchalantly – as you can see I quiet like this picture.

I want my MTV

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