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A hardcore backpacker who is passionate about his travel. Photogrphy is his second passion and likes to call himself “The Lord of the Camera”. Is obssesed about shooting legs especially his own lazy legs. Alx Barta a German traveller whome finds the concept of Moustache ridiculously funny. After his first visit to India he ouched never to return back to this country which is over polluted and over populatd, but this is his fourth visit here. Has travelled as far as Afghanisthan and Madagascar. He hopes to visit Cuba soon. Over a chilled beer he made me realise that we are never alone when we travel. And it takes a lot of strength to travel alone. He said that to travel passionately we need to surrender our insecurities to our destiny. In just a matter of hours with him I learnt a new lessons on travel. Funny how people can change your thoughts even if it is in a small way in just a matter of few hours.



Alex and his obession – Legs

It is not very popular to find a lot of Indian backpackers travelling within the country or outside but this typeof travel is catching up fast as a trend in India. The differnence would be that foreign backpackers spend every penny what they ave and travel to lengths and we Indians are a bit cautious about getting broke totally and usually preferto save some money esp for pursuing the passion to travel. Slowly but steadily we are learning to appreaciate the charm in travelling the poor mans way and we are understanding that you really can taste the true flavour of travel through backpacking.

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  1. Deepa (unregistered) on November 29th, 2006 @ 3:34 pm

    You know, maybe the difference comes from growing up in societies where you know the state will look after you if everything goes wrong. Versus growing up without too many safety nets, other than parents. In any case, the last thing a parent would approve of is backpacking broke !

  2. Jassim (unregistered) on December 8th, 2006 @ 7:35 pm

    Growing up i always thought maybe someday when i can afford to i will travel around and do …you know the same shit…

    But then today somehow its all petered out…by the seeming conveneience of status quo….

    Hmm but nevertheless the post has got me thinkin…

    Isfahan…here i come :P

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