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This happens only in India

Its 11;30 in the morning. A street urchin, a young boy with a guitar slung casually over his shoulder, a middle aged diamond merchant, a twenty something lugging a laptop, a beggar on wheels, a little girl with a torn pink frock, a jeans and noodle strap clad trendy chick, a female coyly pulling her sari palu down her arms, an old man, clasping a little boy’s little hand, a dabbawallah early on duty. All of them, staring intently through the bars. Staring out at the open greens of Oval Maidan. Staring out at 15 or so young lads clad in whites. Whites in action. Beauty in the strokes they paint with their bowling and swinging their bats. Beauty in the soft trot to catch the ball, the quick dash to stop the ball. All activity has stopped for this eclectic mix of people. Because the pulse of Mumbai lies in Cricket. The pulse of India lies in cricket. Gully cricket, professional cricket or under-arm one tappi cricket.

BMC Elections: Decision Time

Come every election and there is an overdose of information, propoganda, and in most cases plain outright lying by the candidates to somehow woo your vote towards them and not the other thugs in the running.

Statistics have proved time and again, that the more educated the votebank, the less they turn out. Bombay, being the largest metropolis suffers from the “low voter turnout ” disease. In the city’s case it is terminal. And especially when it comes to lowly BMC polls.

Yes on the one hand you can say that all of them are crooks, so who to vote for. And I say, if everyone is bad vote for the one you think will do the least damage. Till such a day when each candidate should poll a certain quorum comes into law, this is our only option.

Najmudin Bookwala (Manoj) runs the site

To say that the site contains information is an understatement. The amout of information easily categorised is mind boggling. From checking out your name on the electoral role (I checked out mine and its there…whew!!) to finding out your ward boundary, and your polling station, its all there.

Stop by, browse, and make an informed decision.


BMC Elections: Run up to Election Day

The Municipal Corporation elections are tomorrow. Hectic campaigning has been going on for the past 10 days.

Some salient highlights are

Blog Meet – Coming Soon!

Well life is so smooth when others do the work and all you have to do is Slip Slop Slap. So here I am shamelessly lifting Mel’s creation and pasting it up on my post.

After all the bottom line is to get the message across. Right!!

Banganga Heritage Walk


The Bombay Heritage Walk takes groups of people on walks through the vintage spots of Mumbai. These walks, each roughly about 90 minutes, trail through specific areas of Mumbai and help educate people about the architecture, history and evolution of the city’s landmarks. Walkers can choose to meander through the bustle of Crawford market, absorb the quaint East Indian settlement of Khotachiwadi or even gape at a model of the second oldest ship in the world.

Born out of the enthusiasm of two young graduates of architecture, the Bombay Heritage Walk has been around since April 1999 and was started as a part of the Kala Ghoda festival. Five years since, it has expanded to include specific routes with a common theme and has helped dignitaries like Chelsea Clinton understand the city and its origins.

This Sunday there is a Heritage walk around the Banganga Tank. I hope to meet you guys there. Look up the information in the image. BTW ..Satish Thanks a lot for the heads up on this.

Bombay Bling

Bombay Bling

Count – A Gold Chain, A Gold Watch, AGold Bracelet, 2 Gold Rings and an OK hand of cards. That’s what you call Bombay Bling talk about wearing your savings.

Presenting Aby N Ash


Finally the most talked about couple of Bollywood, have dished out their love story after a long denial to the media and have got engaged. The news channels and the new papers all were running to get a piece of them. Stories were spun and are being talked about the couple and lots of things are being spculated in respect to their horscope and age difference and blah blha…

Interestingly enough,both Abhi and Ash have had a painful past as far as love is concerned.Aishwarya had Salman which begun from a perfect love scene and ended in a pretty brutal way and Salman lost quite a lot of reputation after those incidents.She was then linked to Viveik Oberoi which she had denied all the way long.Funnily,they say that whoever Ash enters into a relationship with,gets doomed but we hope Abhishek wouldn’t. Abhishek had first been engaged to Karisma Kapoor but somehow that didn’t turn out well and Karisma married somoene else soon after.

Fans have had mixed opinions about this.While the Ash fans are happy,Abhi’s fans feel that he deserved someone better like Rani Mukerjee or Priyanka Chopra

Read More Here

Shetty and Her Anna

Yes the Shetty gal has gone as the sixth of eleven stars to enter the Big Brother house.

For your information the Indian version of ‘Big Brother’ is currently running on Sony TV as ‘Bigg Boss’ which is produced by Endemol, the company that produces ‘Big Brother’ internationally

“Being a celebrity is really tough,” she said in a pre-recorded clip. Yeah why wont it be with all the celebrity tantrums.. Just look at her here throwing a trantrum over which place she wi l sleep..

This is what Shipa had to say :

“I honestly, truly feel that I am special.”

“I’m very synonymous with glamour.”

“I have never travelled without an entourage.”

“I thought it would be incredible for a Bollywood actor to go there and showcase not just Bollywood but also Indian culture.”

“I don’t put 100% into everything I do. I put 200%.”

“I just want every Indian to be extremely proud that I’m in here.”

Apparently Ms Shetty is being offered a whooping 30 million rupees for the show.Shilpa joins “Big Brother” from Jan 1 and spends the next 25 days on the show.. Lets wait and watch how our Sheetty gal manages to survive in the House of Big Brother..

Bar Dancers Coming to a Polling Booth Near You

As per a NYT article, out of work bar dancers, are now trying their hand at local elections. Surely will give the politicians a run for their money. Surely gives the phrase “in bed with the politicians” a completely new meaning !!

Out-of-job bar dancers in India’s financial hub of Mumbai said on Friday they would contest elections to the city council in a bid to overturn a ban on their popular nightspots that robbed them of their livelihood. Authorities in Maharashtra state, of which Mumbai is the capital, closed down hundreds of dance bars in 2005 saying they corrupted young men and bred crime and prostitution. The ban saw many of the estimated 75,000 bar girls go away to other states to find work and some reportedly turn to prostitution while many were left jobless.


Phukatme Hug

A recognisable name spots some revellers offering “Free Hugs” to commuters at Churchgate station.I don’t know if they found any taker but I’m sure they raised some eyes. These guy are probably inspired by this video on youtube. The strange effect of social media on the lives of Mumbaikers.

PHOTO CREDIT : A Recognisable Name.

phukata (marathi) = free, gratis etc.

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