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Life means more

24 hours just never seem to be enough in this city, you know? Every minute, every day feels like you’re running just 10 minutes behind. The one bit I really agreed with this otherwise horrific movie on, was the tightly managed shuffle for space and time. There’s a Rahul (Sharman Joshi) in every Mumbaiker. Managing a social life is always a joke – other people’s or your own!



Spirit Of Mumbai

Tell me what is it that you would like to read on your newspaper front page? or What news would you prefer to give a full page coverage? Sports, Cricket, Politics or cricket politics, Bachchans vs King Khan, Gossips, Bollywood news? These are some of the topics which is given unnecessary priority by the news media to acquire more readership. Today the news media is also on a bandwagon to give unnecessary importance to gossip news. In Malayalam such news papers are termed in the category called ‘Manyapatram’ (don’t bother to try pronouncing that), Its literal translation ‘Yellow Newspaper’.

But once in a while such news comes like a fresh of breath air. People such as Syed Nazima Amir Ahmed deserves more media coverage than the stupid Bachchans private life and their rivalry with Khan because these are the peopl, who try to pump blood to keep this city alive in their own little ways. After reading this article I am sure we won’t have Mumbaikars coming out with brooms and start cleaning public areas but at least such stories will be exaples for individuals to help heep their city clean, who won’t litter public areas. Hygiene is a matter of concern in Mumbai and the least we can doas individuals is try to keep the city clean; use dustbins, do not spit, do not litter, do not dispose garbage at open public areas. A little conscious effort can definitely bring in drastic changes. As the Hindi saying goes “Boondh boondh se banthi hai sagar”. Have a clean weekend folks.

Battle of the Spaces

In Mumbai land is dearer than gold. Actually now a days it is land, stocks and then gold. One city which has to battle its way to accomodate zillions and still manage to find open spaces is facing a serious delima.
With the Mumbai municipal corporation’s amendment to its policy on development of open spaces kills the last remaining open spaces of land, which could give this city the breathing space it badly needs.

BMC’s new policy gives away all open spaces larger than 15,000 square metres for construction of clubs, gymnasiums and other facilities on a quarter of the plot area.

These are facilities, which will be exclusive to members, though the open area will be available to the public.

This puts about 82 plots of land for sale in the city from the 608 open pieces of land.

According to the earlier BMC policy, maidans had to be first offered for adoption so resident associations, NGOs, corporates could take them over for maintenance.

No construction except a gardener’s chowkie was to be allowed. If there were no takers, the plot could be given on a ‘care taker’ basis for construction of clubs on 25 per cent of the land.

But the abolition of this scheme has activists fuming. The BMC administration is, however, defensive saying that adoption is not lucrative and plots get encroached if not developed.

The BMC is failing in its statutory duty as civic body because BMC is actually meant to be the caretaker of the city.

Home, beautiful home

Be it ever so dirty, polluted and crowded, there’s no place like amchi Mumbai!!!!!
Need I say more? If a picture speaks louder than a thousand words, here’s two thousand then!



I forgot that I sometimes detest pink when I saw this…


Mumbai Bloggy Brunch

Agreed, this is on a short notice but believe me life is not all about blogging and fun. So yeah, it’s actually a favor that Melody and I are doing for you folks. Now stop gawking, you know it’s the truth.

Okay…Okay, on a more serious note this time round we have decided to go with the Brunch Theme (yes, so very innovative) – slightly on the higher side entry fee wise but hey, nothing’s really cheap re these days.

The invite basically says it all – yup, will be super cool if you could make it. And please confirm with us if you are seriously going to make, it makes life a hell lot easier.

Ps…would be super duper cool if you could let others know about it via your own blog/s. Thanks and looking forward to meeting the bloggy bunch soon.

Previous blog meet gupshups can be found here.

Emergency Rule in Pakistan

Once again, the brown fecal matter is impacting the rotary cooling device in Pakistan. In case you haven’t heard the news yet, Gen. Pervez Musharraf has declared emergency rule and the government is clamping down on television and radio stations.

This highlights the importance of sites such as Metroblogging Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad as independent sources of information and discussion.

Hop on over to get news from the ground.

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