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Helmet Farce

This is a classic snap of obeying the “letter of the law” but failing the “spirit of the law”


Taken at a traffic light, the rider of the motorcycle is wearing a helmet, while the passengers are not. Their lives are not as important as the riders, even though they are one big happy family.

How to be cool this summer


To many it’s not a big deal. Summer is just another season which will make you sweat a lot and then move on to another season. For me weather really has a direct effect on my lifestyle. So what is the key to a happy summer? A wee bit of change in lifestyle can really ease the heat this summer.
So here are things which can keep you cool this summer
• Cotton is the mantra of this season. Yes its time to take out those cotton kurtas which are the bottom of your trunk. Seriously it really makes a lot of difference even you have a 24/7 air conditioning.
• Go fresh! Eat lots of fresh fruits (melons especially, it is also good to loose those extra kilos) Stuff yourself with fruits. Fruits will keep you cool and fresh. Unlike heavy, spicy food which will trend to make you feel drowsy and heavy.
• Liquids please! Many don’t feel like eating much due to the heat ( I am one of them) and hence skip meals. But a hectic day at work can drain you off all the energy. So substitute your meals (if you’re not in the mood for it) with fresh juices, lime soda and get a bit adventurous with some mocktails.
• Avoid alcohol! It can get you all the more dehydrated (Alcohol dehydrates the body in any weather) and also trigger migraines (if you are prone to migraines)
• Water; No am not talking about Deepa Mehta’s movie here. Drink lots of water. You can lot health problems due to the heat by just increasing your water intake itself.
• Carry an umbrella. Yes umbrellas not only protect you from rains but also from sun.
• Always carry a high SPF sunscreen lotion. Lap it generously whenever you get out.

Macys Comes to Mumbai

Macy’s the quintessential shopping experience of New York City is all set to show up at a Shoppers Stop shelf near you. Everyone who has been to New York has visited Macys at Herald Square.

DNA India reports that Shoppers Stop may start stocking Macys products in their shops. I presume the day is not far when Mumbai will have its own Macys.


Now, I am sure this will bring one big smile on my sister’s face :)

Happy Shopping


Unless I’m greatly mistaken, these are the pipes that one uses to smoke ganja? I remember seeing these in little shops on my way home from school as well, and wondering what they were. Back then, I figured they were some special attachment to be used on taps. My curiosity continues unabated and I’m still wondering whether these aren’t illegal. If I’m right, they are…sort of.


I could be wrong, however. Does anybody know what these things are used for? I didn’t have the nerve to walk up to the shopkeeper and ask him. He didn’t seem perturbed by my taking photographs though.



Long, bumpy rides in Mumbai’s bylanes bring you face to face with some terribly amusing sights.


Pssst….for those of you who can’t read in the Mumbai smog, it says,


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