10 ways to enjoy this monsoon in Mumbai


Its raining cats and dogs and yes its all mucky and wet. But trust me there are a zillion things which you can enjoy this monsoon.

So mumbaikars here are a few things you can enjoy during the rains:

Set the alarm one hour earlier than usual. When it rings, slam it shut and go back to sleep. While this feels terrific most times of the year, it works best in the monsoon when the weather outside is cold, wet and windy. An hour later, if the rain is still coming down in sheets, don’t bother getting out of bed. The tracks and roads will be flooded anyway. It will take you about four hours to get to work and four to get back.

If the weather does hold up, wear bermudas to work. Or 3/4th pants. Or capris

If the trains aren’t working in the evening, don’t hang around on the platform. Take a long, slow walk on Marine Drive. Or Worli Seaface. Or Bandra Bandstand. Stop for a bhutta on the way. Rub a wedge of lime on it and sink your teeth in. Namak and mirchi optional. 9

If you take public transport, carry a Walkman/ipod/mp3. If you drive, stock up on your favourite music. Traffic really crawls in the monsoon and it’s a great time to catch up on music. We also have the various FM station where RJs yap on to the wee hours.

Instead of partying in the evenings get home and curl up with a book, a movie or a TV soap.

Fix yourself some onion bhajias and adrak chai. Or even better if you can drag your self to nearest tapri.

Make at least one trip to the Sea Lounge at the Taj. Watch the rain fall softly on the bobbing boats, the heaving sea and the distant hills of Uran.

Drive to Khandala. Stop for chai and batata vadas at Diwadkar’s before you climb the ghats and idli and filter coffee at Kamat’s after you touch Khandala.

Drive to Matheran. The fun part is when you park your car and begin walking the red earth in pouring rain.

Look outside your window. The rains are lovely when you’re indoors.

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  1. ramyaramani on June 18th, 2008 @ 5:27 am

    You missed writing about having Hot Pav Bhaji’s :-(

  2. emran on June 21st, 2008 @ 1:00 am

    I like these ways to enjoy monsoon. Wish I could go to office is Barmuda Shorts. FM stations mostly present good collection of rainy songs… and they really makes the mood. I know it happens everywhere……… here and there and everywhere :)

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