Suspected Terrorist Image Emerges


CNN-IBN has made public one of the suspects images. If you know this person contact the authorities or CNN-IBN.

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  1. zindadil on December 17th, 2008 @ 4:44 am

    One must know the intent of these terrorists.
    This was the handy work of people within India and this time it was to get rid of the three Valiant police Officers.
    It so happens that the Pragya Malegaon blast case was on the verge of being solved and with this a good number of people from the Military Loyal to RSS(as the RSS has infiltrated the Military ranks) and Local Shiv Sena (i have my doybts on them, but then again, who knows?), the BJP (Pragya belongs to this group) and disgruntled police officers loyal to the BJP, RSS, Sangh Parivar, and Bajrang Dal would have been exposed and locked up. Hence the Military and the Opposition with the aid of the local police collaborated and created a mayhem. A diversion to take the attention off of the Pragya case.
    How could three top notch high ranking police officers who were involved in the Pragya investigations got killed right away. Where was the back up, was the back up itself the killers. A post mortem would have had established that but instead they hurried the last burial faster than expected.
    Modi the Hitler comes to offer condolences and prize money, which the families of the sacrificed police officers refused. The families know who the real killers are and some day they will open up to the press.
    These Great police officers had received death threats and what a scene to make it look like a terrorist ploy.
    Politics are dirty and the Romans, the Greeks, the Caliphate, the Americans and all played it well. One dosent come to live for over hundred years and in such a short life span, one does things we cant even imagine. What a world and what a fraud.
    My heart goes out to the ones who laid their life to serve justice. they will be remembered amongst the people who like a just society.
    The killers looked like they were a bunch of people trained to get them out as at their age they have no sense of what life is. They could be trained to commit suicide attacks as many out there from different faiths.
    They disguised it to look like a LET attack. They did it good, but there are people who are questioning this and some day the truth will come out. But it will be late as Prgaya will roam free and undisguised as it will be the BJP ruling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

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