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In the whole news cycle about the terror attacks, the blogosphere has been ignored a bit. Here are a few must-reads.

Prem Panicker

As I stepped into the elevator, it struck me why that hug felt odd. The wife wasn’t hugging me. She was trying, in her own helpless fashion, to hug this wounded city that has been home to us for 19 years. I suspect similar scenes, similar gestures, are playing out across homes and hearts throughout Mumbai.

Rahul Bhatia, a good friend [and ex-Metblog Mumbai blogger]

 It struck me then, and by struck I mean a deeper realization, that men like this care for nothing, for no human effort or endeavor with meaning, and they care not for the struggles and ambitions and dreams and so much pain that every man woman and child has come through to survive life, for theirs is an unthinking effort of destruction and despair, and there is no talking to them, for we cannot even be from this planet.

Amit Varma, a good friend [and ex-Metblog Mumbai Author]

It struck me then, and by struck I mean a deeper realization, that men like this care for nothing, for no human effort or endeavor with meaning, and they care not for the struggles and ambitions and dreams and so much pain that every man woman and child has come through to survive life, for theirs is an unthinking effort of destruction and despair, and there is no talking to them, for we cannot even be from this planet.

Udayan Tripathi

But we can’t naively carry on. To enjoy life like this, made up of the things we savour from vibrant cities like Bombay, we need to be protected. 94.6% of sixty thousand respondants at say it is time for India to enact stringent laws to curb terror. That’s quite a mandate, but I believe they are wrong. They suggest following the example laid down by the United States after the 11th of September, 2001. This includes a Department for Homeland Security and a Transportation Security Administration. Security is a wonderful word. At times like these, reading it in bold typeface across buildings and on cloth seals pinned to the shoulders of frowning men, it make us feel safe.

Dina Mehta, a good friend 

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  1. karanmakhija on November 29th, 2008 @ 3:56 am


    The day began with rumours of more incidents of firing at several places. all false alarms. it wasn’t as bad for us in bandra. everyone including my domestics landed up for work over the last two days. but i hadn’t left my room in 48 hours. So i went over to a friend’s.

    Seven of us played poker. slowly the humuor slid out. we took pot shots at the news media. we all felt that that the close up coverage given to the NSG operation ended up helping the terrorists and any tech savvy sensible person could see that it jeopardized the effort.

    someone we know who was trapped at the Taj managed to call a friend while he was stuck inside and said that until the media hadn’t mentioned that two hundred of them were hiding in a ballroom in the other wing of the Taj the terrorists had no clue they were there. suddenly ten minutes later they were under attack for the terrorists had heard the same news everyone else had! one of my friends said that a phone camera was enough to do the job. lo and behold, ten minutes later a news channel revealed that the terrorists had blackberrys and were checking live news feeds on the net! they didn’t need televisions or even local ground support for information. we had been handing it to them on a platter. so how come nobody in the media thought of this when lay people were smart enough to realize this on the morning of day one?

    at the end of the game two of us thought we’d get out for coffee. everything was shut early. it was perhaps the eeriest friday night i have seen in mumbai. The Taj has another luxury hotel in bandra, the Taj Lands End. we thought it would be the safest place in town today. but the 24 hour coffee shop was shut. few employees and no visitors or guests were visible. the atmosphere was dismal. its entrance was blockaded like a fortress. this is a place known for its vibrancy at all times, day, night, holiday, work time, weekend or not. not a soul today. just a fervent discussion in the enormous lobby by what looked like management level employees.

    finally coffee at a barista. just one table was occupied. then we trudged homeward. on empty streets. three kinds of life. dogs. military aircraft and copters every few minutes. and rickshaws. by the dozen. parked in long lines at every other street corner. obviously going nowhere for the third night in a row.

    Back home and the other Taj is still under siege. And so is the government by the Opposition party. the knives have come out. its election time in several key states after all.

  2. karanmakhija on November 29th, 2008 @ 4:19 am


    a quick last check on the news before bed. and yet again on a live internet video stream a reporter at the Taj is asked what he knows about the NSG operation … and he says – they’re adopting a wait and watch policy for about half an hour or forty five minutes and then they’ll attack – and begins to discuss the NSG strategy!!! do these guys not understand that the three terrorists still sitting inside the Taj can hear all this??? who is benefiting from this information? why is it necessary to let the entire world know, right now, what strategy the NSG is adopting to flush the terrorists out?

  3. tt01 on November 29th, 2008 @ 4:51 am

    Terrorism is very specifically a MOSLEM issue. Nothin but a MOSLEM and purely religious issue. Something the media, the politicians relying on muslims votes, do not want to bring to surface.

    ISLAM purely directs MOSLEMS to destroy others who do not belive in ISLAM. They are not taught to live with others in harmony, period!!! Moreover, they will live in harmony only till they are in minority or if thier own survival is at risk. Once that criteria is met, no one is goign to question them how they treat you?

    Look at the MOSLEM majority govts and Areas – Middle East. How many are secular, democratic and give the people of other religions any weightage in their economies and countries? Moreover, an absolute Oxymoron is that same govts and religious heads support and incite violence in the name of freedom and opportunity for moslems in other countires and non moslem countries?

    Take any historical, political situation that happend any time in past. Middle east never comments against any terrorism acts, links of terrorists are always linked to Saudi and muslims nations. All religions and World needs to unite together and flush out MOSLEMS from wherever they are. Mainly here in UK and any otehr democratic country. Further the law should be secualr fo rall but MOSLEMS – they dont deserve secularity!!! Only those who respects others and know and shows how to live in harmony deserves to be treated equally in secualr worlds. Lets face it, the fact is the religions came from old political worlds and to live together we have to learn to live together and shed your old FATWA thinkings.

  4. bloggerweb on November 29th, 2008 @ 6:03 am

    It is utterly disheartening and down right cowardice on part of so called Jihadist’s who just don’t understand the 21 century civilized world.

    Having said that I don’t think there was any initiative from the central intelligence of INDIA to curb a situation as this. My thoughts are expressed in the article "Mumbai Mourns" at Your suggestions and opinions are welcome.

  5. proudindian on November 29th, 2008 @ 6:42 am

    The recent Mumbai attackes, another slap on Indian government’s face. They did it again…and what did government do…NADA. These terrorists are successful because our government failed again and again to take action. Ou corrupt politicians are only good for giving statements. They are so selfish that they again and again run and elcted only to make money. Is there any limit or when they will wake up and do something for the people of India and country…just for once…why don’t they take charge and take serious actions to make things better and get rid of the terrorists. How hard would it be for government to have commando tams actively inding these extremists and killing them. They don’t have to publicize this…just keep kiiling them….don’t capture them just get rid of them. HSow them what we can do if they try to disturb peace in India.

    And our useless PM, who is alywas follwed by Sonia Gandhi. Who the hell is she…..what she has done for this counrty? Manmohan singh is just a puppet in her hands. I am watching news on TV here, he is followed by freaking Sonia. Why is she there…she has nothing to with this? Let PM and officials handle the situation. She and other politicians never skip an opputunity to get votes.

    So many attacks took place in last couple of months, the congress government didn’t take any serious action just becuase they didn’t want to turn off the voters. I don’t care whether these terrroists are Hindu or Muslim or from any other religion, I just want to get rid of them.

    And on top of this PM is seeking Pakistan’s ISI cheif’s help in this issue. How moron are you Manmohan…aren’t these people same who has been infilterating militants in India for decades. How naive are you Mr.PM?

  6. jacob on November 29th, 2008 @ 7:10 am

    america is with you. not that you respect us at this time, but we are praying for you.

    god bless you :)

  7. pankajk78us on November 30th, 2008 @ 8:02 pm

    Dear Mumbaikar and fellow countrymen,

    Why is that inspite of the arrested terroprists comments/confessions that he is from Pakistan, Indian government still in terms of polite negotiations with country like Pakistan. This country and the people of this country has no goals in life ,when the basis of the country’s establishment is on hatred how can this country have a name ‘PAKISTAN’ it is the most NA-PAK country on the face of this earth! How has Islam become the face of terrorism? Can the Islamist justify that all the terrorists in the world are Islamics and not of any other religion!!!!! Vande Mataram!

  8. karanmakhija on November 30th, 2008 @ 11:10 pm

    Dear pankaj78us,

    I am a Mumbaikar too and fellow countryman. Please have some restraint. Please understand that at the moment there may be a vast difference between the people of Pakistan and the forces that are ruling them. It seems that in many areas there the government of Pakistan is not in control of the law and order situation. A careless statement like, "…the people of this country has no goals in life …" can turn into a reactionary wave that will only worsen the situation. While the forces controlling Pakistan may be fomenting the hate that leads to horrendous attacks like this one on Mumbai, and the Indian government may have the evidence to create a consensus to launch a counter-offensive against some Pakistan based elements, the common people of Pakistan need not be dragged into this controversy. Also, please realize that whatever case/argument you may want to present, no matter how valid, will lose its effectiveness if you garb it in extreme language. I agree with you that it is time to adopt stringent measures, but never at the cost of objectivity or with a skewed perspective. Go after the enemy for sure, but identify him first, and distinguish him from the bystanders around him. It might be that even the Pakistani people will help you to rid their country of the unwanted elements that are affecting their reputation. Let the full picture emerge, and then let’s take action. I’m with you on that. Vande Mataram!

  9. riz109 on December 1st, 2008 @ 12:32 am

    Sometimes if we belive in karma we have to ask what and why were the motivations of these militants. Were the militants orphans of Kashmiris who watched their relatives & family killed by Indian army; were these militants relatives of the state sponsored pogrom of 2002 by Hindu politicians that killed, raped and burnt Muslims in Gujrat? Where were the moderates, police and the politicians then to protect the innocent? Where these militants inspired by actions such as those of the destruction of Babri Masjid in 1992 – well funded by the World Wide Hindu Movement despite a committement made to the Indian Supreme Court that the mosque would not be touched. There have been many historical injustices and we cannot turn a blind eye to these events from the past. Muslims are treated as a second class citizens in India; I am sure they face descrimiation in jobs, and other fabrics of society. When we look at an event like this we also have to think about karma and think about the connection of things that happened over time. My sympathy to all and I do deplore violence but unfortunately these reactions result from actions that negatively impact others.

  10. riz109 on December 1st, 2008 @ 12:42 am

    Terroisim in not a Muslim issue! Who killed Indira Gandhi; Mathma Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi! The guerilla warfare of Shivaji was a form of terrorism! What about the Europen leagacy…….millions of Africans were taken as slaves, tortured, rapped and forced to convert to Christianity. Many of these Africans were of Muslim origin. Muslims wer also expelled and forced to convert to Christianity in Spain – during the Spanish Inquisition. The World Wars were driven by greed and the acquistion of colonies; did these wars not killed millions indiscriminately! What about the destruction of the Aborigianl nations in North & South American and Australia! So when you put this in context most people have been killed or exterminated by Europeans! Unfortunately Muslims are victims in their own lands. They are ruled by Western appointed puppets and thus are deprived of liberties that can extend their thoughts and feelings. Look at the Muslim nations from Central Asia to Middle East! Look at what happened to Lebanon post French colonialism……..the French gave power to the minority Maronites because they were Christians; the French tried to assimilate the Algerians by depriving them of their language and religion! These are historical facts. Muslims were in Spain for over 800 years as well as in other Europen nations but they were exterminated but Christian communities still are found in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and even Iran. Overall Muslims have been more tolerant of thier religius minorities then the European counterparts.

  11. achievexcel on December 1st, 2008 @ 1:00 pm

    I would like to extend my sincere sympathies and condolences to the bereaved Families and prayers and thoughts to all affected by this attack

    This is totally unfair; innocent Lives being cruelly snatched by perpetrators of such condemnable actions

    "When" will the perpetrators of such condemnable actions ever understand that by committing such actions, they are literally committing the very most sinful of actions!

    It only leaves one more confused, perplexed and wondering in amazement with so many questions unanswered as to Why, Why and Why are such actions taking place? What do the perpetrators achieve?
    Why don’t they realize and understand that the World needs Peace, Love, Progress and Prosperity; that when they first contribute and invest in Peace and Love can they expect to reciprocate likewise, "When" will they ever learn?

    Life is extremely Precious and when the perpetrators just take decisions and commit unforgivable actions; they only foster more repulsion and disgust at what they are seeking to demonstrate.

    By committing such actions, they are only creating more hatred for themselves primarily; as well as further distancing and surrounding themselves with a vicious circle of further infinite hatred

    At this crucial moment, where we stand at the cross roads of doing our very best to comprehend the reasons for these condemnable actions; it is sincerely Hoped that decisive resolutions are identified whereby they are able to facilitate an effective mitigation right from the core roots of these elements, where they emerged.

    "Understanding" the core elements relating to this process is one of the strategic and instrumental keys in effectively managing and regulating the process instead of solely combatting since the first process is to establish a platform upon which a firm foundation could be built; the foundation of Universal Hope, Peace, Trust, Love, Peace, Harmony, Progress and Prosperity

    It is pursuing an hopeful and practical process; whereby anticipating, innovating and embarking onto pursuing a practical approach for adeptly and resolutely dealing with such type of condemnable actions is being encouraged; Alas what has occurred cannot be recuperated, but the sacrifice that has been made by several innocent victims over the years reminds us and encourages us to stringently identify resolutions that could effectively harness the various factors effectively and implement a resolute approach in dealing / combatting with such condemnable actions decisively and practically.

    It is more easily said than done; but every step taken in the direction of seeking to identify each resolution is essential and imminently approaching

    Evolution is testament and holds evidential records of various events that have occurred and it is our duty to educate and inspire the concerned to seek to "Recognize" and "Understand" the immense potential value of each and every Life, since Life is extremely Precious and Splendid; and can "NEVER" be snatched away by these type of cowardly actions on any pretext or instance whatsoever.

    Each and Everyone has the rightful privilege to Live and cannot become subject to what perpetrators of such condemnable actions think and decide, it is absolutely very wrongful, punishable to the maximum possible extents and unpardonable; (Although the deviation is there when reference is made to referring to the aspect of punishment, it is but natural that when all steps that are taken to make the concerned understand the significance and importance of reality and when they refuse to understand and persistently seek to establish their own agendas, then in such contexts, this is NOT permissible since there has to be Universal Harmony, Peace and Love that is accorded contentious precedence and pre dominance since the Universe provides us and bestows us each and every Moment with the very finest of virtues but when there is an interruption or attempts made by perpetrators to change the course of what is being manifested Universally, then the perpetrators are naturally SUBJECT to pay a price for their irresponsible actions, face the consequences; they need to be accountable and responsible and essentially "Understand" that defying the Universal Principles, The Laws of Nature is having a price that NEEDS to be paid)

    It is not only retribution alone, it is fairness where no sides are taken, but what is just and unjust; since Nature never discriminates or favors one over another; but tends to remind and make one aware time and again that it makes one pay for one’s wrong deeds whether now or later; but definitely has its own way of compensating those that have been made to endure and face unfortunate events due to the mindless actions taken by perpetrators; the distinguishing of those that are right and those that are wrong is already being journalized / recorded and will seek accountability accordingly.

    I shall summarize the above comments on this note since it is an extensive appeal that consistently seeks to kindle the Hope for establishing Universal Hope, Peace, Trust, Love, Peace, Harmony, Progress and Prosperity; If a reference has been made to certain tendencies that reflect accountability, this is natural, since every action that is taken is linked and bound to result in a reaction; so every action that is taken must be carefully assessed and taken explicitly on the basis of establishing Universal Hope, Peace, Trust, Love, Peace, Harmony, Progress and Prosperity; it is the pursuit of a mutual process and not solely for suiting one’s agenda alone!

    With sincere Hopes, Thoughts and Humble Prayers,
    Vashi Ram Chandi

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