The Questions Unanswered

Carbon over at Metroblog Hub raises the questions that remain unanswered

The grim scenario in mumbai might be drawing to a close, but the VITAL fact, which seems to be getting sidelined- is really the issue of the terrorists who have escaped..and are scot free till now
Something about the mumbai attacks does’nt seem right!-
1) 22-24 year old boys coming out with such a precise operation, and that too in a span of their ‘3 month’ training by the LeT just doesn’t hold water with me- something smells there- these guys were just pawns in a much bigger game!
2) As per the phone convo that the terrorists made to the media- when asked what their demands were- the guy simply didn’t know what to say!!- now this really makes one wonder what presence of mind they had while ‘planning’ out the entire op. If they were so motivated with religious and communal ideologies, it should be ingrained in their minds that “this is what we are fighting for!!”.

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