If I had an AK-47

I would donate it to the Maharashtra Police.

There has been some criticism, or rather resignation of fate about the Police force. However…what do you expect when scumbag politicians decide where the money is allocated.

A programme was drafted for getting AK-47s and replacing obsolete weapons two years ago but it was not followed up seriously. Maharashtra, as a result, is the only state in India where most cops embark on sensitive operations with old weapons.

Ditto for bullet-proof jackets; cops here would like to sample the scientifically designed Koeffler jackets that can protect the body from any type of bullet and are used by the NSG and other commando forces the world over. But it is another article on a long wish-list.

The entire article here.

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  1. kris2t on December 1st, 2008 @ 10:40 pm

    The cops use 9 mm carbines (Sten) and the 7.62 SLR, which are also used by the army. A lot of newspapers have tried tomake out that the poor police had to take on terrorists armed with AKs , with pistols. Not true, they have the weapons that i mentioned above. Yes on the question of what they do with their budgets, I refuse to believe that money allocated for operations could be diverted to buying cars. That’s a bit far fetched as the two budget heads are different and no DGP in his right mind would allow re-appropriation of funds from operations to staff cars. The govt financial system has enough checks and balances to prevent that. But if what you say is true then the DGP and whoever else is responsible should be shot. People get the police they deserve. Why did it take so long for the smug populace of Bombay to wake up. I think they are generally too busy congratulating themselves.

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