Poem: Mindless Murder in Mumbai

A poem on the recent terror attacks……By Jal S. Desai

Tears are running down our cheek,
Our grief does not let us speak.

All Indians share your pain, Bhai,
For what has happened in Mumbai.

We share your grief, Sister,
For the death of your Mister.

For the orphaned child, we have but one prayer,
May God give you days which are happier.

With hatred and murder in their heart,
From their homes, the terrorists did depart.

For strangers they had no compassion,
Hatred for everyone was their passion.

From Colaba to the railway station CST,
They killed without showing any pity.


They came with a powerful bomb
To turn the Mumbai Taj into a tomb.

The brave men of India’s armed forces retaliated,
All these despicable murderers were eliminated.

All Bharat salutes the courageous martyrs
Who sacrificed their valuable lives

To make Mumbai safe and secure.
Let there be peace and love evermore.

Days and nights of madness have now ended,
The terrorists’ souls the Devil has befriended.

For all those who have been left alive,
There is but one goal — to rebuild and thrive!

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