Saluting the Heros of Nov 26.

Compilation by Trisyscom.

Sharing it with one and all so that we never ever forget our heros.

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  1. findarpana on December 4th, 2008 @ 11:45 am

    Peace march – 3rd Dec 08

    A common scene – Kids. Mostly between 14 to 28, were the ones who filled the streets with their young voices, their perception of the situation, their maturity and their enthusiasm.

    Scene 2 – Old uncles and aunties walked with candles. Film stars walked with beggars. Sexy, hi-fi girls joined the rowdy guys in slogan shouting and holding banners.

    Scene 3 – A Mercedes with its dickey open, is parked in the middle of a junction at Regal, a gentleman is distributing T-shirts, hundreds of them, free of cost for people to wear during their march. It says, No vote. No Tax.

    Scene 4 – A group of Hindu guys with tikka and all (middle aged ones) are shouting ‘Vande Mataram’ and other national integration slogans. At a corner we spot another group of guys, Muslim elders, doing their own bit for national integration. The two groups eye each other and after a moment’s pause, they merge. Now we hear the loudest slogans, ‘Hum sab ek hain’.

    Secene 4 – An uncle who stood like a statue on the divider with a flag in one hand and an image of 4 kids of various religions on other hand. Just standing, not shouting or agitating. but saying a lot.

    I can still feel the goose-bumps on my arms.
    I went to the march because I was frustrated by just writing to all the news channels and the newspapers. By actively taking part in debates and raising all kinds of questions. I went to the march because I wanted answers, I wanted to channel my energy and frustration into something productive. When I reached there, I felt I was transported back to the quit India movement. Many times while watching some patriotic movie, I had this urge to go back to the era and do something for my nation. That march was like my wish being granted. My sentiment echoed in the lakhs of people who came there searching for answers, showing their anger, asking questions. There were no answers. Just a proud display of how the nation felt. I felt the march was futile, but then I realized that maybe someone who has a better idea will see this throng of people and take initiative. May be my being there could convince a good person to stand up and make an effort to change things, which otherwise, without the support he would have never done. No. I don’t think the march was a waste. It was a great success.

  2. MB (kar_munib) on December 4th, 2008 @ 11:33 pm

    Our deepest grief and condolences to the people of india

    BUT TRUTH should not be the casualty

    Following 3 links should be enough to keep the indian side of accusations silent forever. . .

    Why is indian media not considering what our point of view is?
    Here are some useful links

  3. satish vijaykumar (bombaylives) on December 11th, 2008 @ 12:07 am

    @arpana : great work and tnx for the report :)

    @munib : To be frank the view points shared by you are worse than our India TV’s conspiracy theories.

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