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Only flowers

I’ve developed a rather late interest in flowers. And why not? With all the frivolous things that we spend on, a little bit of beauty is much appreciated. Why must a gift always be intelligent or useful? How about just alive? Nothing better than a flower then. Here’s an account of my most recent floral jaunt.



Vegetable shopping

Once, during my winter vacations, my grand-mother sent me downstairs to buy some vegetables. I knew nothing about veggies of course but her reassuring face hovered above from the balcony as she said she would point out the fresh ones from the rest. So I skipped down the stairs to catch the vegetable cart. Once I got to the bottom, I realized that he had started wheeling the cart away and was already at the end of the block. As I climbed up again, my grand-mother chided me

Why didn’t you call out for him to stop?

But I did! I kept shouting out ‘Bhajeewala! Bhajeewala!‘ but he didn’t stop!

Oh you silly child! They are called Sabzeewalas!

What? But he is a Bhajeewala, why should I call him anything else?


7 best places to get a good shopping deal

I am shopoholic! Shopping is therapeutic for me, and the best part is that after a shopping binge I dont regret my actions since I know that I have got the best deal I am Mumbaikar and hence I know were I can get what at the lowest possible rates. Like me every Mumbaikar loves to shop; kids, couple, college going teenagers, office goers every one like to keep updated with the latest fashion and trends. So it is not a surprise that we Mumbaikars are willing to go to the end of the world to purchase things at the most reasonable price one can ever find. Mumbaikars are bargain savvy and are always looking for the best deals they can lay hands on. Hence it is natural that Mumbai has hundreds of bazaars that cater to the Paisa vasool mentality of the population. I have lived in at least 5 cities in the 24 yrs of my life and Mumbai bazaars are the most unique and fascinating places I have come across. One of the reasons being that each bazaar has a history of its own and each specializes in selling particular goods. So Mumbaikars are well aware precisely which market they can get what. Before I go with the 7 best places to get a good shopping deal here are a few rules you must follow while shopping anywhere in Mumbai

Things to keep in mind while shopping Make sure you demand for a bill after every purchase (Not applicable when it comes to street side shopping)
Always bargain. You will almost never be told a reasonable price at the first go
Do not buy from the very first shop you enter/vendor. Visit as many shops/vendor as possible and buy where you get the best bargain
Try and be a regular customer for one or two shops, so that the shopkeepers know you and you get better discounts than others

Assault on Street Food

As anyone worth their palate will attest, some of the most amazing food in Bombay is the cheap roadside kind that a lot of people shun. Yes it can have sometimes questionable hygeine, sourcing etc, but come on, tell me your mouth dosent water at the thought of a vada pav, sheekh boti or bhel and ganna juice.

However it seems that as per a Supreme Court Directive, cooking on roadside pavements will be banned in the coming days.

Initially only three wards are going to be afftected, but if its a success, then the whole city will be engulfed.

Damn the powers that be. Why cant they come up with a working viable solution instead of just banning stuff.

Areas that are going to be test cases include Abdul Rehman Street, Zhaveri Bazaar, Ardeshir Dadi Street, Lokmanya Tilak Road, Matunga, Mahim Causeway and Bandra.

Shiv Sena bullies Big Bazaar

big_bazaar.jpgThe Shiv Sena, it seems has resorted to petty bullying, now that it is all but obliterated in the political world. Its leader Bal Thakeray, “toothless tiger” as he is these days, needs to find real issues for his followers.

On Sunday

Shiv Sainiks affiliated to the Bharatiya Kamagar Sena (BKS) turned up in strength at Big Bazaar’s Mulund, Lower Parel and Kandivli stores to protest the sacking of 120 Marathi employees. [ Link ]

However the same article continues

Kishore Biyani, MD of Pantaloons, said, “Shiv Sena unnecessarily caused inconvenience to the customers and did not let them shop. Our customers are very important to us. The incident has maligned the reputation of Big Bazaar.”

“The 120 employees who are protesting were to be absorbed at the new Big Bazaar store at Raghuleela, Vashi. The store opening was delayed as the builder has not received the mandatory NOC from the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

We could not afford to keep so many employees at one store. We had to serve them termination notices,” said Atul Takle, head spokesperson, Pantaloon.

It is at times like this, that I wish we could have a delete button in politics and society, and automatically empty the “recycle bin”. How easy it would be to purge the Shiv Sainiks, and their ilk.

Photo credit The Hindu

Lingerie in Null Bazaar

Junaid Khan is a ladies man, and much in demand it seems. He is a florist running a brisk business in Null Bazaar. However his speciality the last few weeks seems to be ladies lingerie.

With almost three-dozen women’s lingerie sets sold since he struck upon this novel idea three months back, Khan is hoping that his flowery venture blossoms.

In September, when Khan learnt about his ex-girlfriend’s marriage, he wished he could gift her something memorable. “Then I saw Lage Raho Munnabhai. I was very impressed by the way Munnabhai used flowers to get his point across,” said Khan. So, he decided to gift his ex a lingerie set made out of flowers.[ link ]

So the next time around instead of thinking up a super expensive gift from Victoria’s Secret, check out Junaid Khan. The princes range from Rs 500 – Rs 1200.

So if you are in the mood to order one …. Contact Junaid at J K Flora and Décor on 9323576292 or e-mail him at jk_flora_décor

Sure gives a whole new dimension to the word deflowering

The Strand Book Fair

Flea Market

It is time to stock up on those books again – with over 40,000 titles of display and amazing discounts to boot one can not afford to miss The Strand Book Fair. I was there last year and I completely lost picked up way to many books and had to be dragged out kicking and screaming. In my opinion for anyone in the vicinity of Bombay, the book fair is an absolute must visit.

Here the address for those who are interested

Vidyanidhi Complex, Upanagar Shikshan Mandal,
Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture,
Vidyanidhi Marg,opposite Kaifi Azmi Park, JVPD Scheme.

Timings 10 am to 8 pm – Open all days from 19th to 30th Sept.
You could visit their website for further details –

“Where In Bombay Do You Stay?”

errr, i live (not stay) in south bombay, thanks for asking.

it might be patently obvious even to those who ask the right questions for the first 5 minutes of a conversation. fine. i’ll admit it myself: i talk the talk, i live in a skyscraper, i went to “those schools”, i went abroad to get an undergraduate degree, i strive to speak impeccable english (and most often succeed in doing so), and i truly consider going anywhere beyond parel an anxiety-fraught schlep that in many cases is not worth the travel time.

but being “from somewhere” is really not a crime, people. especially not south bombay. and don’t make me feel guilty or naive for it. it’s the life i know, the life i am comfortable with, and you cannot tell me that the “true bombay” is in the burbs, and that i should make the trek out more often, because

1) who the heck are you to define the “real” city? every window in a metropolis has a story, so don’t presume to tell me that another story is more valid than mine, or another area more “real”
2) have you SEEN the roads in andheri? and the traffic? why would i subject myself to this kind of torture on a more regular basis?!
3) infiniti mall is really. not. that. impressive. landmark books in infiniti mall, yes, resoundingly so, but infiniti mall itself? errr…. no.
4) even though bombay may be a safer city than most others for women, i still don’t feel comfortable travelling on trains after dark.
5) the buses have cockroaches (i speak specifically of the A-2 A/C bus, which although it is a great service, is not one i could use every day), and dude, seijo and the soul dish has cockroaches, too.
6) the dust i’m exposed to when i travel to the burbs ruins my skin. no, i’m not saying all of south bombay breathes clean air and drinks ambrosia out of pearl cups, but you have to admit — it’s simple science — that being out on the road for longer exposes you to traffic fumes for a longer period. (and no, the A/C bus is not my sole method of transportation, so it is a matter of concern to me.)
7) who’s to say that with quality spots like the bombay gymkhana, salt water grill, indigo, moshe’s, barista, bade miyan, ming palace, regal, basilico, colaba causeway, the tasting room, trattoria, nature’s basket, gaylord, theobroma, cafe churchill, inox, pizzeria uno (or whatever they’re calling it these days), mondy’s, the ghetto, new yorker and cream center, bachelor’s, prive, polly esther’s, noodle bar, atria mall, and the new china garden (dim sum, yum yum!) to choose from, i really *need* to go exploring?

i’m quite happy where i am, thank you — and be it said, in public now, that i don’t feel the need to apologize either for my origins or for my choices.

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