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Do you see mud and sludge?



Coup in the ladies’ coupe

protest.jpgOne little corner in the newspaper tells of a tussle between women commuters and the Mumbai railway authorities. Apparently as a part of a new range of services on Mumbai’s Harbour line, the earlier timetable has been altered. The hitherto 9:14 a.m. Vashi-CST local was advanced by one minute. Not as big a deal…what’s in a minute? (Pah, ask a regular train commuter but we won’t get into that now). The big deal was that three rear compartments that were earlier reserved for women were scrapped.

The unforeseen response to this change was that the women commuters rallied together in protest. First they complained to the Central Railway authorities and then, receiving no response, acted in the most effective way possible. They just wouldn’t let the men get into the compartment.

The Domestic Airport at Santacruz

I came across an article in Rediff that critiques the new domestic airport at Santacruz. The Delhi based author raises some valid points but then goes completely overboard and mixes two completely different issues and tries to support one with the help of the other. I feel he has some axe to grind with the city and cannot find the proper forum to vent his frustrations.

This is the paragraph I find offending, and out of context

In its edgy, manic way, Mumbai prided itself on being the more organised of Indian cities, devoted to the work ethic, the go-getting glamour capital of the country. This is no longer true. It is now more ramshackle than Kolkata, more inefficient than Delhi and, probably, neither as rich nor as inventive as Bangalore or Hyderabad. Its cosmopolitan ethos and egalitarian energy has been hobbled by provincial-minded politicians, sectarian ideology and pick-pocket capitalism. Every monsoon the city shudders and shuts down and its inhabitants hope it won’t be as awful as last year.

And here is the actual article.

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7 bizarre ways to die in Mumbai

Oh yes, everybody, we love the Island City. Not for its glittery Page 3 crowd, not for Bollywood, not for the stock markets and business hubs. We love it because it is a city of survivors, it is the city with a never-say-die attitude. Well, why not? That’s the only way to survive the mayhem of Mumbai.

But on a suicidal occasion that one wants to remember the ways that Yamraj plays peek-a-boo with us here, one comes up against some rather bizarre options:

The Mumbai caste system

I sometimes hear people describe Mumbai as a place where people treat each other equally and that this city doesn’t face the societal seggregation that Chennai and even Delhi have. I disagree. This city has its own version of a caste system. It is subtle and isn’t immediately apparent, especially to people who haven’t lived here for very long. Bear with me while I alternate between ‘thoroughbred Mumbaiker’ parochialism and an objective viewpoint, as I explain.



The face of Mumbai

Meet Rakesh Mishra.


A Year Since the Mumbai Blasts

It was exactly a year ago today that bomb blasts rattled the local trains of Mumbai.

All it took was

11 minutes,


7 blasts,

and left

186 dead.

in the aftermath.

Stop for a moment and think about that day. Make our city safer for everyone’s benefit.

Second International Airport on the Radar

The government has given its blessings for a second international airport for Bombay. The plans for a second airport situated in New Bombay have been doing the rounds since the late 80’s. However successive governments have revived plans only to drop the ball soon thereafter.

However this time around, the repercussions of not having a second airport are grim and hence the political process has hastened to get the clearances.

The Union Cabinet has approved the establishment of a new international airport in Mumbai through public-private partnership at a cost of roughly Rs9,970 crore.

Briefing newspersons after a Cabinet meeting, Finance Minister P Chidambaram said, “The Cabinet gave its in-principle approval for an international airport at Navi Mumbai realising the need of the growing traffic through the city.”

The airport will be developed as a greenfield (new) facility along the lines of such airports at Hyderabad and Bangalore.


Bullet Train on Platform No. 4

Well dont get all excited and rush to Bombay Central to check it out. Its still at least 6 years away in the making.

However yes there are plans to run the Bullet Train from Bombay to Ahmedabad at speeds exceeding 250 Kms per hour, making the cities just a couple of hours apart.

And now there are plans on offering the same service between Bombay and Pune too. That would make Pune just a 45 min train ride away. Cool eh !

So anyways, till you wait for the Bullet Train to pull in, take a flight to Tokyo, Japan and speed away. !!

Or see this picture. If you imagine hard enough Mt. Fujiyama will become the Western Ghats. Ok…OK… you got my point

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Railway Repairs


The above is an image from DNA showing Western Railway workers working through the night to get the track repairs complete before the start of the work week on Monday. For once its great to see work going on in earnest to meet deadlines and cause as little inconvenience as possible.

Great going…..Western Railways.

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