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Its raining.. its raining.. its raining..

Its raining.. its raining.. its raining…

Its raining and the sky is lit up by a million lights. There’s thunder and lightening in the air. The entire dark magenta sky lights up, and turns into a beautiful canvas of colors. Colors that are not listed in the seven colors by the creators. Raindrops hit the tin roof with a light pitter-patter which warms the heart. Mmmmm.. the smell of freshly wet earth. No fragnance on earth can match this heavenly smell.

Its raining.. its raining.. its raining..

The roads have been washed out clean, the silhoutte of the trees lights up everytime the sky lights up. There will be puddles on the roads tomorrow. Little puddles of mud and water.. where children will play and dirty their hands. The side gutters will fill up and the street urchins will dip in for their swimming lessons.

Its raining.. its raining.. its raining…

A million colored umbrellas will adorn the masses. Black will be dominant and others will be like specs of vibrancy among darkness. People will step out to get drenched in the pounding rains. Couples will walk long walks on bandstand, all the while enjoying the rain from their shared umbrella. Pretty multi-colored umbrellas will be twirlled by children, couples and happy singles. Open-air cafes will pull out their huge metre long umbrellas. Hotels will be packed with people taking refuge from the rain. Plants will spring to life and it will slowly become cool.

Its raining.. its raining.. its raining..

Vilasrao Deshmukh will have to answer a lot of questions about why the digging and constructions have not been completed by the times rains have set in. Traffics will be all the more jammed and people will curse the roads, the systems and the politicians and the rains…

Its raining… its raining.. its raining…

Hyderabad Goes Online

The city of the Char Minar, of Hussain Sagar Lake, of Salar Jang Museum, is now a city of Metroblogging.

Mumbai welcomes Hyderabad into the Metroblogging fold.

Click here to check out the city

Mumbai Picture of the Week : Mountain of Tin

Mountain of TIN
A man carries a mountain of empty tin cans in Dharavi and still manages a smile for my camera.

The Man-Hole Project

The inspiration behind this project is Ajay. He has over the past few weeks religiously followed the creation and destruction of a man-hole in Andheri East.

So here is my contribution on the same.

This particular man-hole is located in the back lane of Shoppers Stop and Chandan cinema in Juhu. It has been in this pathetic state for the past couple of months. Since the traffic flow is less here, its breaking-up process has been a little slow. In a busy and populated street this surely wouldn’t have lasted so long.

Maintenance of Man-holes in Mumbai city has always been a matter of concern for the local public and the authorities. This very problem gets high-lighted only during the rainy season or when someone actually lands up getting injured and at times loosing their life.


Summer in Mumbai.

There’s more to summer than just the heat and long, sleepy afternoons.

Cotton on trees.
Bits of cotton fly around and are caught by sparrows to build comfortable nests

Plastic bath-tubs for kids are sold on footpaths.

The dog in your building has a haircut:

And It Rained

3:28 a.m :

My air conditioner lets out a slow cold gentle buzz as my ceiling fans clatters as it rotates at high speeds. These are the sounds of Mumbai in the summer; these are the sounds of a very early morning in Mumbai in the summer.

“Wait” – can you hear.
“My ears must be deceiving me that sounds just like rain”
I open my door and the smell or wet earth whisks me away into a sort of delirium.

It’s Raining.

It Rained in Mumbai. Sadly I’m telling you this before most people in Mumbai will ever know.

More such hoardings please

I wonder if you have noticed a line of people holding boards and posters, walking around or standing on pavements next to the Mahalaxmi Race course or on Marine Drive. The advertising media used (people) can probably be seen in many low-cost countries. Yet, I marvel anytime I see an interesting use of this.

Not many European countries would be able to carry this off, due to high labour costs. However, what they do better than us is using every ounce of public space. This need not, by the way, come at the cost of beauty. For instance, in my trips around Venice, I saw a couple of buildings which were being renovated, which would have been eyesores, if not for the billboards covering them.

Now, the same is being done in Bombay as well. Considering the number of buildings being renovated all the time, it’s high time.
Pic from The Invizible Man

Highpoints of the Mumbai Bloggers Meet

blog-meet-intro.jpgYes, the blog meet was yesterday and yes we did have a good great time.

Started with a small table at the corner (at TGIF), then few more chairs were added to the table and in no time with were nicely shifted to a bigger table right in the center. No one could miss us, we were the most loudest and good-looking bunch of extremely intelligent minds.

Okay..Okay maybe I just exaggerated it a little bit. Actually the loudest table consisted of a filmi group…moi thinks it was the forthcoming movie, Fanna’s crew members. Ahhhh…Bollywood morons never let go of an opportunity to show off.

Anyways, moving back to the original topic.

All in all we had a real good time, some made a fantastic first impression and some left us completely with-out any impression (sorry ! I can’t indulge in name calling yaar).

Amit has done his bit of giving a short but detailed analysis of the meet and so have Divya,Parijat & Bombay Addict.

And now for the best part…..Blog meet pictures. So without any further a due, here they are.


Meeting in meatspace

A blog meet took place at TGIF at Infinity Mall a few hours ago, and immense enjoyment came. People who earlier knew each other only as blogs now met each other as bloggers. So you’d have two people introducing themselves to each other as Evenstar and IdeaSmith, and boom, by the end of the evening they depart as Pinky and Minky. (Names made up to preserve anonymity.) They once knew the blogs; now they know the persons. It’s a lovely thing, that shift.

Can you say Bloodbath in Hindi

K had quite a forgetable day today and so did most Indians.

It has probably something to do with Arsenal losing the UEFA Champions league and this graph here.

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