The Spit Mania….

I love all the people in Mumbai except some idiots who advertently cause harm to the beauty of the city.

I am talking about the people, who chew all the mucky masalas and spit its juice all through the city. Buses, bus stops, trains and railway stations, roads, theatres… nothing more is left here to be spit-swabbed by their fetid mouths.

Spitting is a waste habit one can have. If you are addicted to pan masala or some other ‘shit smelling’ things, spitting becomes an involuntary activity. Haven’t you seen filthy, reddish spittle full of pus? (Sorry, I do not have any picture to insert here. But still you can assume how yucky it is) Let’s see what would be the attitude of a person who spit on the common places.

I spit.
I see (my) spittle everywhere.
I can (will) spit anywhere in Mumbai because I ‘m a Mumbaikar.
I spit on the roads and pavements,
I spit on the walls and the casements.
I spit better from the BEST or the trains.
Yesterday I could even spit on somebody’s head (idiot he is!)
I really like my spittle. (Saliva that’s come out of my mouth)
It’s very spicy and reddened by a range of gutkhas and panmasalas.
I like my spittle bubbles on the tip of my moustache.
It’s nice to spit when there is a slight wind (at least it will reach somewhere)


This is a remake of one of my excerpt from An Indian Heartfolio

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