Coaxing Hoaxing


Madness unlimited. This is a simple explanation of what has been happening in Mumbai for last two weeks after the bloody bomb blasts.

Hoax calling.

Life is such a funny phenomenon that when you feel so much for some one, he/she will kick your ass. I love all the Mumbaikaars, as I told you in ‘Spit Mania’ but when things like this happen, I feel ashamed of myself. And here I don’t have enough words to swathe my nudity.

How many prank calls? ‘Bomb in Andheri’, ‘Blast in Vile Parle’ ‘Bomb in Churtchgate’… and how many more?… In between these, the Police and the security mobs will go helter-skelter, benumbed emotionally and officially.

But what makes people do these? Just to create panic? Or any other motives? Whatever, this is highly insensitive and aimed to create tensions between communities. And the saddest thing is that, there are no great measures to take strict actions against these pranksters.


Now come to the second side of the story. Coaxing applies to some of our clueless politicians… They do not hoax. They just coax. Via their honey-wrapped comments, they create plenty of tensions. Blindly they might tell you, who is behind the blasts and what are their plans and where are they going to fart the bombs tomorrow. They would even
demonstrate their comments through explicit proofs so that those poor allies would fall as foolish victims and create tensions in the communities. A hoaxer does the same.

The most disappointing thing is that there is no code of conduct for these foul-mouthed political apes.

See how different activities done at different levels by different types of people create troubles to the public? Whoever is behind these activities, please realize that people of India will never fight each other, unless you mad men throw such sparks at them. They are greatly united and reserved; and the people of Mumbai make the best slice of this great country.

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