Fresh chEATING…

I have got cheated. A lot of times; by friends…fate…and even sometimes by formless feelings too. But yesterday’s one was a little chimerical.

After meeting a guy in the Yahoo Lower Parel office, I went to a nearby Fresh Juice Stall. From the menu items recited by the waiter, I picked my favorite, Mango Milk Shake.

Ji Saab Thoda Rukhiye.. (Please wait sir) He told me.

I saw him jumping here and there with a little uncertainty across his face, and he disappeared for the next ten minutes. Then he appeared with the Mango Milk shake.

With the first sip, I felt something strange on my tongue. ‘No, this is not the Mango Milk Shake I wanted.’ With one more sip, this strangeness reverted to a kind of nostalgia, which reminded me of my glorious days with my father who used to buy me the blissfully tasted ‘Mangola’ whenever I used to go out with him.

I looked into the drink once again. The real shake came then. Instead of a real Mango Milk Shake, he poured in some local mango drink and a scoop of milk powder. Mango Milk Shake or Mango Milk Shock?

Anyway, with a fresh sip, I concluded that it was a Mangola Milk Shake.

I just called up the waiter and asked for the bill. He said 40 Rupees. Great entertainment! 8 rupees Mangola + 2 rupees milk powder = 40 rupees Mango Milk Shake. I couldn’t help asking him, ‘How many Mangolas’ have you poured in?’

He did not have answer for that, but had a solution; ‘Sir please gimme 25 rupees only’. Ceasefire! He made a new bill.
(By the way, guys this can be a great advertisement for Mangola)

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