Be Careful When you Go Out!!!

One of my earliest write up ponders the importance of being careful in life. Some of you liked it, some criticized and some others added more to it.

Now let me tell you.

The Saturday brought enough crowds to the Infinity Mall. After a small shopping, I came out and stood in the bus stop just opposite to it. I had to go to Santacruz.

The two girls standing in front of me were quite modish, though they reflected a kind of haziness somewhere, somehow.

There were a large number of people in the bus stop also.

A bus to Santacruz came and without much selflessness, I got into it and could only move a little inside it. I could see a dozen and more people were trying to get in, including those girls. Suddenly one of the girls snatched the hand purse of a lady, who was suffering to get into the bus. And the two girls ran into two sides of the roads and disappeared.

The irony was that the lady did not realize it. Though I made a yell saying that her Purse was picked, she coolly got into the bus. It was then she came back to the reality. But there a nothing much to do, as the crooks had already done their job.

And this is my request to each and every Metro Blog readers. You can be a shopping freak, a dreaming bird or an ideal idol. But at times, you have to be extra-cautious. Be very careful about what you are doing, where you are standing and when you are doing so.


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