It was shocking to read in today’s Mumbai Mirror, how Balaji Films ‘admits’ talents to the world of Miniscreen. Confusion fogged my mind and I just doubted, whether I’m still in 2006 or gone back to the Neanderthal age suddenly in a fine morning!

When I came to know that Mumbai is the setting of this fake-favoritism, I felt a real senselessness all through my wits.

First of all I prefer serials at the death of my likings and now another reason that provoked me to put forward my emotions here.

If you have those two words called Common Sense, you must have already realized the wacky, fanatic experiences of the serials, baked out of these kinds of soap production houses. What else are there, other than the extremities of religious duplicities, superstitions and the clear sale of Sexual Overdoses, all neatly packed behind fanciful family scenarios? Yes, now there is one more thing, religious impeachment in terms of career and business!

And you are eligible to eat the brains of the public once your Kundali is matched with this great Mother of Soaps! And you are not, if your Kundali doesn’t match!


Nowadays the television is stinking. Just like how a Refrigerator stinks with old food!

Technically, the reason is the same. Instead of old foods, here there are tedious television shows and serials, which stink of fermentation from one another.

All the serials are almost the same, except their names and characters. The locations are the same posh dwellings in the metros, which boast of luxury and materialism through a big mouth. What they carry on is the most unrealistic and unholy sarcasms supposed to be happening in the pretty Indian life, dragged from one tension point to another on a daily basis. Yuk!!! What a mucky mockery on the public face?

And on the other side, there are ‘talent’ shows. Young and fresh fools are picked from various parts of the country and presented on a stage as if it is a ‘fancy dress show’. The appreciation goes for not their real talents, but for other factors like how smart they shake their asses, how well they ‘behave’ with the anchors, or even how dare they are at dressing! In between these hullabaloos, the real talents are being kicked off!

And you, the common man, are royally fucked!

You sit on your muddy floor and starts weeping! You believe what you see. You clap at their sweepstakes, at your own expense! You switch on your cell phones and finish the petty balance by voting for your favorite ‘stars’. But you don’t realize, you are being cheated! And till then, this article will not be read & commented, I’m sure!

Well, but you remember, your emotions are being raped!

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