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Results of the Mumbai Photo Marathon 2007

Here are some fantastic results of the Mumbai Photo Marathon 2007 which happened last weekend.





You can see more of of the Mumbai Photo Marathon 2007 pictures here.

An over hyped event – Ash weds Abhi

Frankly speaking I feel that this is the most over hyped wedding I have ever heard of. I agree that lately fame has gone to the head for Bachchan’s but we cant balme them alone. Ok Amitabh may have tried to cover the weddingexpenses by giving the full wedding coverage rights to a UK firm for 5 crores, (infact its very smart of him) . But our media is the main culprit for all the uneccessary importance to this event. Coming back to selling the right of the wedding coverage, this is something which is very very common in countries like US and UK where celebrities try to give the rights of the first photoshoot (Brangalina’s child) , or the rights to document the wedding ( there are a zillion celebraties who have done this) , life after wedding ( Remeber Britney Spears??.. and Jessica Simpron And Nick etc..). But this trend is farely new to India, there are few cleebraties who have done this, infact Bachchan’s are one of the first few.

Right now I think this all I found intersting in the Ash -Abhi wedding… the rest is all OK.

Anyways here are some pictures of the couple. Apparently someone who had been to the wedding circulated these pictures. Am sure Mr Big B must grinding his teeth seeing these pictures all over the media.





Mumbai Photo Marathon on 22 April ‘ 07


Here is an oppurtunity for all shutterbugs to capture some gr8 moments of the city, meet some more people passionate about photography and have some unadulterated fun together.

Here’s the idea:

Amature / Professional photographers take a day tour of Mumbai, clicking shots based on 3 distinct themes. Everyone submits 12 best shots from the ones they have taken, and we pool them together. All participants may meet at the end of the day and share their photos and stories.

What do you get?

Privilege of participating in first such even in Mumbai
An opportunity to experience Mumbai
A reason to freak out
So what are the themes?

Roadside Mumbai
Mumbai Rush
Tourists in Mumbai
Drop an email if you would like to join. The email is blog (at) kapilb . com

Visit the blog and leave a comment

The Oval Maidan- looking across from the sides..

Walking across the Oval Maidan, the wind tugs my hair out from behind my ears and lightly plonks it on my face, the pleasant woodsy smell of its wafts up to me.

The stoned path across the Maidan is always windy. And it always has at least 20 people crossing at any given point. In the morning, people can be seen hurrying along, noisily, in pairs, groups or alone. On the phone, listening to music or just sauntering along. If you look up while crossing the Oval, as it is fondly known, you’ll see a huge expanse of the sky. With cottony white clouds tinged with blue floating across lazily. Or on an overcast day you’ll be able to spot an sulking grey sky, with dark hued clouds gobbling it up. And observing the sky while walking on the path feels like you are crossing the sky and not the Maidan.


On the greens around the path, there’s always some activity happening. Even in the sweltering sun of the afternoon, little children struggle with footballs in one corner. A group of mothers sit in a corner, waiting for their children’s class to get over, with duppattas pulled down on their heads to protect them from the sun. In another corner, young men in whites are practising their batting swings and bowling arms. Setting up teams for a cricket match. Near the High court end, their is a group of girls and a few boys in jeans and tee-shirts. Huddled in a small circle, playing a match of under-arm Box Cricket.

What;’s in A Cab !!

Well, its seems that these days we Mumbaikers have a choice of four types of taxis.





Read the entire story here

Shiv Sena bullies Big Bazaar

big_bazaar.jpgThe Shiv Sena, it seems has resorted to petty bullying, now that it is all but obliterated in the political world. Its leader Bal Thakeray, “toothless tiger” as he is these days, needs to find real issues for his followers.

On Sunday

Shiv Sainiks affiliated to the Bharatiya Kamagar Sena (BKS) turned up in strength at Big Bazaar’s Mulund, Lower Parel and Kandivli stores to protest the sacking of 120 Marathi employees. [ Link ]

However the same article continues

Kishore Biyani, MD of Pantaloons, said, “Shiv Sena unnecessarily caused inconvenience to the customers and did not let them shop. Our customers are very important to us. The incident has maligned the reputation of Big Bazaar.”

“The 120 employees who are protesting were to be absorbed at the new Big Bazaar store at Raghuleela, Vashi. The store opening was delayed as the builder has not received the mandatory NOC from the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

We could not afford to keep so many employees at one store. We had to serve them termination notices,” said Atul Takle, head spokesperson, Pantaloon.

It is at times like this, that I wish we could have a delete button in politics and society, and automatically empty the “recycle bin”. How easy it would be to purge the Shiv Sainiks, and their ilk.

Photo credit The Hindu

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