Did We Pardy or What!

Firstly let me start by giving out the mandatory “thank you” speech. Melody….my partner in crime, you are a Rock Star, thanks for taking care of all the minor (and major) party issues while allowing me to sit back take all the luft.

Would also like to thank the management of Sejos for allowing us to twist their arms to the max so that we bloggers could get the most viable deal out of them. And last but not the least, a BIG thank you to all those who turned up (and a boo-hoo to those who couldn’t make it)….I had one heck of a time and am sure our bash would put all those Bollywoodish…Page 3 parties to shame.

Without any further a due, here are some “Kodak Moments”……

Some pointers from last night’s event –

Mumbai Bloggers are freaking Time Guards.

Strangers became friends (and some friends behaved like total strangers – ya we had those kinds too).

Mumbai Boys are really gentlemen-like. And Mumbai women are hot.

Blog Party Thumb Rule – Never discuss blogs.

This man asked, “Are you known in the Blog circle? Never heard about you?” – Hell Ya, I am known….gosh what else do I need to do to spread my celebritiness.

And Finally……

Never have Long Island(s) on an empty stomach.

Link – Love : Bloggers/Non-Bloggers who made their presence felt…..

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  1. Amit (unregistered) on June 11th, 2007 @ 3:23 pm

    Hell.. boo hoo hoo for me.. I wanted to.. but was n’t sure till the last minute if I was gonna be in mumbai… Being a newcomer on the block, it would have been fun meeting some bloggers.. and beat this.. I live 200 meters away from Seijo!

    maybe.. a next time!

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