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City of one


Friday evening and I was leaving work. Later than expected, about 3 hours later than I’d have wished. I got into the cab and paused for those brief seconds that are those rare occurances in a Mumbaiker’s day when he or she thinks of absolutely nothing. Then snapping back into action, I pulled out my phone and dialed. At any point of time, I have a list of people that I absolutely have to call/ call back and have not had the time to, earlier. Connectivity is only leading to disconnectivity.

City in Pictures

The view

Mumbai is a concrete jungle. Even the suburbs are not spared. The real estate value has shot out of reach for a common man to own a piece of land in this Metropolitan. Thankfully the suburb were I reside is has still some patches of green and is not over crowded yet… but that doesn’t mean it will remain the same. Slowly buildings are spring up were once there used to be a green patch. This picture was taken from my friend’s new apartment in Navi Mumbai.


It was a close one. But India managed to keep its head above thewater this time by winning the 20-20s after a giant gap os 24 yrs. Young captain – Dhoni really suites India. Atleast that waht it seemed so.

20/20 vision at Lalbagh

And I would have to take the road on this day…. Mumbai’s twin obsessions – Ganeshji and cricket (okay, that’s national mania) spiral their noisy, raucous ways into my senses. The roads are alive and a heady hysteria of celebration. Like an oil colour with neon under-tints that someone smudged before it was completely dry. Colours blurring into lights, sounds echoing into one another, it is all one royal, spectacularly messy picture. What picture? A panorama – a constantly shifting, moving scene.

The Domestic Airport at Santacruz

I came across an article in Rediff that critiques the new domestic airport at Santacruz. The Delhi based author raises some valid points but then goes completely overboard and mixes two completely different issues and tries to support one with the help of the other. I feel he has some axe to grind with the city and cannot find the proper forum to vent his frustrations.

This is the paragraph I find offending, and out of context

In its edgy, manic way, Mumbai prided itself on being the more organised of Indian cities, devoted to the work ethic, the go-getting glamour capital of the country. This is no longer true. It is now more ramshackle than Kolkata, more inefficient than Delhi and, probably, neither as rich nor as inventive as Bangalore or Hyderabad. Its cosmopolitan ethos and egalitarian energy has been hobbled by provincial-minded politicians, sectarian ideology and pick-pocket capitalism. Every monsoon the city shudders and shuts down and its inhabitants hope it won’t be as awful as last year.

And here is the actual article.

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Nache Baliye 3

One of the most popular dance reality shows on television, Nach Baliye 3 will hit the screens on Star Plus today at 8pm .
Though the judges have not been announced yet, Subhash Ghai, Ishaa Koppikar and choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant are likely to be roped in.
Let us take a look at the 10 couples in the show:

Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi
Rakhi and Abhishek first met on the sets of a shoot and later, during gym sessions and stunt classes.
Abhishek proposed to Rakhi in South Africa but she didn’t take him seriously. She finally said ‘yes’ during the celebrity reality show, Bigg Boss.
“Abhishek is not just a great dancer but a great cook as well,” Rakhi says. Incidentally, he had his own dance academy in Kanpur during his college days

Come paint the city Red!


First it was Orange…..


Then it was Pink …


And now it is Red.

Aww G…

I was terribly amused by the extra ‘tadka’ that this restaurant adds to its language alongside its food! It probably was very rude to laugh, when I read the top line which read ‘Motter Panir’. Then true to Mumbaiker form, perpetually seeking improvement, the manager instructed the ‘board-writer’ to correct it.

When I passed that way again, here’s what I found.

Bipasha Basu singing “Beedi Jalai le”

For us Mumbaikars garden is a luxury. For example I live in a typical working class Maharastrian society, have the luxury of a small patch of public garden bang opposite my society. Although it is rare that I step inside the place, I do like to go and take a walk when it is all empty. Some times I like to sit there early mornings and just watch the world around me jump start their day. I love to feel the wet grass under my feet and enjoy the early morning fresh air. In short greenery is a luxury for us Mumbaikars with the construction jungle spring up on every patch of earth in the city. Some of us find alternatives by setting up miniature garden in side small earthen pots and set it up on the edge of the balcony. I am one of them. It is not exactly a jungle but I have an aloe, a fern, a show plant and a money plant which I had flicked it from my neighbor who stays in the ground floor. (They say it brings in money if one flicks the plant).

Preparations for the Elephant God

Lord Ganesh, the patron deity is the God of wisdom. Come August, preparations to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi – the auspicious day when Lord Ganesh was born – begin with great enthusiasm all over the state. In Mumbai, the preparations would be made at least one to two months before the start of the festival. No matter where you turn, you can catch a glimpse of Ganesh, as huge images of him are put up almost everywhere.
The 11-day festival begins with the installation of beautifully sculpted Ganesha idols in homes and mandaps (large tents), colourfully decorated, depicting religious themes or current events. The Ganesh idols are worshipped with families and friends. Many cultural events are organised and people participate in them with keen interest. For the next ten days, the elephant-headed god is worshipped to earn prosperity and goodwill. During these days Mumbai is transformed into one giant carnival. Homes are artistically decorated, kitchens are stocked with an assortment of Marathi sweetmeats and friends and relatives visit each other. After ten exciting days comes the time to bid farewell to the beloved God by immersing the elephant god in the nearest water marks.

This weekend I was hanging around the market and soaking up how the city is geting ready to welcome the Elephant God.


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