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Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about sex [link]

Remember this song by Salt and Pepa.

This week there has been a mini controversy regarding the way sex education is taught in schools. I always thought that it was taught (at least to me) with too much emphasis on the biology of it and not enough on the pragmatic approach.

However, when I read what our local politicos have to say…

What is the need for us to appoint sex gurus? Europe needs sex education because of its declining population rates

– Nawab Malik, NCP MLA from Nehru Nagar

Sex education is against Indian culture. It will affect the character of students and will lead to more crime against women

– Bashir Patel, NCP MLA

Sex education will only damage the socio-cultural fabric of the country. Children will learn about the subject once they grow up.

– Mangal Prabhat Lodha, BJP MLA from Malabar Hill

I shudder to think that you and I elected these people. What are we doing to ourselves. Is it really “the people get the government we deserve?”

A Leaf Out Of Someone Else’s Book

I stopped by this pavement stall last evening. It has been…oh, so very long..since I visited this place. Getting to be a real book-snob, are we, patronizing only the big bookstores? Yet, the bookseller recognized me in trice and his eyes bore no rebuke.


There’s one at every corner, if you know where to look and I’ve given away a few of my secrets before. This is (or used to be) one of my favorite haunts before convenience and credit cards took over.

From the evergreen Sidney Sheldons, John Grishams and Jeffrey Archers to the ubiquitous management books, this place still holds its charm. It’s hard to supress that innate sense of superiority in pulling out a book and placing it in the ‘right’ stack along with others in the genre. So pop fiction to the sides, classics in the middle, bestsellers on top. Then realisation strikes that the dynamics of cataloguing work differently in a street-stall.

Meow 104.8 FM launched in Mumbai


Meow 104.8 FM has been launched in Mumbai. This is one of the new FM channels launched in the city. A channel exclusively for women. Well thats what they claim to be. After tuning into the channel several times here is my take on this channel.

Although the concept of the channel sounds super cool, there is a lot of areas of improvement.

The RJ blabbers a lot. Well the channel claims to be a talk FM channel unlike the music FM channels we already have in the city. Am not sure if we Mumbaikars are ready for this yet. Trust me its gets to ones nerve after sometime. Probably we need to get used to it like Delhi and Kokalta. On thge other hand I would also like to mention that whatever less music they play, the choice of songs are pretty good.

Even though the FM channel claims to be India’s first Just for women FM Channel they do cut some slack and have men callers with their piece of gyaan too. After all what fun is it for gals if there is no eye candy in this case ear candy :)

Love the way the female RJ purr with a meow but hey guys (RJ) please that sounds so gay.

The entire station has just one male RJ who hosts a show called Meow “Betweeen the sheets” ( they really have some naughty captions and names)

To sum it up, I think it wont cost us to give a chance here. And all the ladies have this exclusive channel to tune in to bettwen your commute in the local train.

Monorail Coming to You

If government honchos are to be trusted, Mumbai will indeed become the first city in India to have a monorail. However I am a little sceptical of the 2010 start date for the service.

The routes are

The estimated cost of the project, proposed on four separate routes is Rs 1800 crore. The first route covering 25 km is Malabar Hill- Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg-Haji Ali-Keshavrao Khade Marg-Jacob Circle-Sane Guruji Marg- S S Rao Marg-Dattaram Lad Marg-GD Ambedkar Marg-Wadala Marg-Wadala Truck Terminus-Antop Hill-Sion Hospital-Dharavi- Bandra Kurla Complex.

The second route is of 10 km is Chembur-Mahul-Gidwani Marg-Gowandi-Chembur. The Lokhandwala Complex-Oshiwara- Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road-Kanjur Marg (10 km) is the third route and Thane-Kalyan-Bhiwandi is fourth route (25 km).

“Monorail is very ideal for Mumbai’s congested areas as it will run on elevated tracks and the space consumed is just 8 to 10 km,” a senior transport planner from MMRDA, K Vijaya Lakshmi said. [link]

The capacity of the Monorail is more than 500 with four coaches attached and more than 700 with six coaches attached to it, she said.

A lot of planning and design needs to be done so that the monorail do not create localised problems. Points of entry, exit, commercial activities leading to them, etc will be the problem areas affecting the users once the monorail is launched.

Hopefully we will see stellar results.

What are your opinions on the routes though? Hopefully the routes will intersect with the train lines on W. Rly and C. Rly. Only then will it become a comprehensive mass transit network. Otherwise it will be more of the same chaos.

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