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Did anyone get stuck in a gargantuan traffic jam in Vile Parle/ Andheri/ Jogeshwari/ Malad earlier this week? Yes, yes, I know that’s roz ka jhamela in aamchi Mumbai. But this was like the baap of all traffic snarls. Your vella bloggy-reporter takes you straight to the scene of the crime…errr, traffic jam.

In that dirty, dingy gulli called Andheri subway, an autowalla seemed to have been trying some stunts. Okay, not auto but what do you call those auto-looking things that carry goods instead of passengers? Going by the way the autowallas drive, I don’t think they know the difference but anyway…

This vehicle was stuck in the most extraordinary position of all – nose up in the air and forehead (!) caught in the roof of the subway. A couple of workers were perched up there hammering away in a bid to get it unstuck. Wheels up in the air, my first thought was,

Was that an auto-wheelie gone wrong??


Ideasmith in the Mainstream Media

Our very own rollicking MB Mumbai author, Ideasmith was recently featured in a Hindustan Times special on Women Bloggers.

Click here to see the full image and read the text.

Way to go Ideasmith. You rock baby !!

Is it time for abortion laws to change?

Am sure all of you who are reading this have seen the overly stressed out Nikita Mehta with her big belly running around the TV screens. I wonder what was the judge thinking while refusing aborting a 26-week fetus with a serious heart defect after rejecting the mother’s plea to terminate the pregnancy in a case torn between trauma and ethical issues. Guess what this silly decision is going cost the couple their entire life of trips to the hospitals, medical bills, extra efforts to generate money and the list goes on.
Haven’t the court thought about the aftermath of this decision? If yes then have they offered any kind of medical assistance for the couple? If not then why not? Has the Indian court become so insensitive towards the public? If the laws can be tweaked for actors and politicians whose actions have cost zillions of rupees (Yes our blood and sweat which we pay as taxes) and many lives (Yes am hinting here) then why not for Nikita Mehta’s case?

In the end am sure that Nikita would want to take a double barrel gun and shoot the judge and then the rest who help him make this decision. Also the gov/ law have set a bad example with this incident. First it is not that we have hundreds of Nikita’s walking in every day asking for court’s help to abort a child. Secondly the one person who has faith in the laws and wanted to go about the right way has been bowled out. After this I don’t think that people will have any hopes of receiving the justice to any issue. The moral of the story is such incidents will make the people loose faith in law and justice. And more importantly its is high time for India to change/amend certain laws.

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