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Lonely on New Year’s Eve

Lonely on New Year’s Eve, originally uploaded by Bombayite.

I thought this is some cool party idea for lonely stags.
When you click on the link it takes you to

I wonder Campaign India needs to do this pimping business :)

84 Things NOT to Do in Bombay!!

Inspired by Zishaan and suggested by Ranjeet, I’ve compiled a list of 84 things Not to do in Bombay, The original target was 101 but here’s the list, I shall update more when I get my Black Label for Company.

The Listo :-

1.     Get into a Virar train if you are going to Borivali

2.     Avoid Taxis outside Dadar & Kurla stations all are chors.

3.     Eat Bhel at Kailash Parbat

4.     Call a cop ‘Pandu’

5.     Argue with a Koli Fisherwoman

6.     Get a 11 Rupee massage at Girgaum Chowpatty

7.     Call a BEST bus driver ‘Bablia’

8.     Buy enhancement medicines from Van – Travelling Hakims who are the desi versions of the flying doctors

9.     Look smart while visiting Chor Bazaar

10.  Avoid asking the Sandwich wallah on Dalal Street for market tips (more…)



No its not what you’re thinking.
Its a real estate co on the Andheri Link Road next to Fame Adlabs.


Oh my stars! Help me someone, I’m still recovering from the split sides I have from excessive suppressed laughter. Who is the cause of my cheery mood, you ask?

Meet the man himself – Mr.Mannequin!


He doesn’t believe in needles or anything permanant scarring his peaches n’ cream complexion. But the gods of fashion dictate that tattoos are in a la Jolie (or considering the neighborhood, Rakhi Sawant). So Mr.Mannequin sports a tatoo painted on a …what do you call it? A body-suit with only the sleeve? Tattoo on, tattoo off…now you see it, now you don’t. Actually you see it all. Including where the sleeve ends and his not-so-pink white arm starts.

Oh but wait! It gets better. Blonde we are, as blonde as the Hilton girl, as gold as Goldilocks. Let’s add a tie to the tee-shirt. And oh, snorkelling might be fun, you think?


And just in case you lovestruck ladies are wondering where you can get to meet this delectable creature, trot over to Lokhandwala market. He’s the style icon for that peculiar breed we call Lok-hunk-wala.

Curiouser and curiouser. ;-)

Fukat Haircut Offer

Fukat Haircut Offer, originally uploaded by Bombayite.

If you want a free Aamir ishtyle haircut, then you should go for the Fame Cinemas fukat haircut offer!!

The movie maybe inspired but the Publicity idea is innovative :)

P.s Only Bombaywallahs can get the free Takloo Haircut

Protest against Metro Carshed

Protest against Metro Carshed, originally uploaded by Bombayite.

Slum Dwellers who would be displaced by Metro Car Shed protesting in Lalji Pada, in Link Road Malad.
Over 200 cops present for bandobast.

100 Things To Do in Bombay

Uber cool list compiled by Zishaan

  1. Get high on qawwali at Haji Ali
  2. Spot a celebrity at Juhu PVR
  3. Sit down on the steps of Asiatic Society library
  4. Crane your neck to see the Bombay Stock Exchange building
  5. Spot a leopard in IIT Bombay campus. If you can’t, then settle for an IITian girl
  6. Enjoy a play in Prithvi Theatre
  7. Enjoy the NCPA in a play or opera
  8. Find some calm around the Banganga tank
  9. Haggle for non-antiques in Chor Bazaar
  10. Face the high tide on Worli seaface (more…)

Jatra @ I.C.Colony Feast, Borivli

I go here every year, Infact been going here since I was a kid
This year things have been very quiet and somber due the tragedy in Bombay and overall recession.

But the usual fun and games are still around the same wax candle, chana, sweets, housie games, Ferris wheel, magic shows, Maut ka Kua, Aapti Bombs, Loud whistles…

Trivia :-
The original IC church was built in 1547, destroyed in 1739 by the Marathas and rebuilt in 1888.

Sharing some snapshots

Giant Wheel

Giant Wheel


Jumbo – Bada Picture Bada Poster

This is one of the biggest Movie Hoarding ever put up by Bollywood
They have taken over the entire building under renovation and draped it with the Billboard.

I just hope the movie is good :)

Location : Link Rd, Andheri (w), Bombay

Vandal No 1 in Bombay

Vandal No 1 in Bombay

Originally uploaded by Bombayite

Mr Beanbag and his spray painting is there in every fishing nook and corner of Bombay.
His main targets are under-construction & under renovation Buildings. dirty walls, Bridges, Flyovers, Slums, Sulabh Toilets, Shitty Pipelines in Dharavi and anything that can be spray painted.

You’ll find him in Chinchpokli, Mira Road, Govandi, Colaba , Malad, Matunga, Anderi and every possible pin-code of Bombay and nearby areas.

This is perfect example of Vandal marketing, The brand must have surely caught the eyes of 99% of Bombays 14 million population, When you call the number a female gives you a detailed gyan on the beanbags and the prices.

Its illegal & its crude marketing, but I think Government & other Companies looking to reach out to a larger audience should tieup with Vandal Beanbag to promote a good cause on dirty walls and places in Bombay , and yes please replace the fucking spray-paint and lets have some Graffiti Art on the Walls like have in Rio, Cuba or Harlem

Mr Beanbag Farooq Ansari – Winner of Impact Innovator 2006

Beanbag on Flickr

Trivia = Lotsa people think BeanBag is a code for Hookers & Massage service :)

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