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Gaysi: The Indian Blogface of the Gay Desi

The LGBT movement in India is still in its nascent beginnings. Ashok Row Kavi, would probably punch me for this statement. However it is not for the lack of effort by the LGBT themselves. Sadly it is the lack of maturity of the general Indian populace to come to terms with any but being “straight”.

Historically it was not so. I remember going to Khajuraho as a student of architecture and noticing that within the thousands of temple carvings, was a vast encyclopedia of every form of sexual preference. If at that time this was main stream enough to become part of a temple monument, then why is it that today we, the same people and society shun it. A lot of that blame can be put on the Victorian morals dumped on India during the 400 year British presence in India.

However things are begining to change. Just last year there was a Gay Pride Parade in Mumbai and other cities and the general awareness and acceptance seems to be on the increase. At least in the urban metros.

And therefore, it is not long that this presence is felt in the Indian blogosphere too.

Gaysi: The Gay Desi is a new group blog that has been up and about for a short while now and their writing and content is crisp, fresh and interesting.


Barkhagate: How Barkha Dutt and NDTV Silence a Blogger.

In what can be deemed as a shameful act, Indian journalism or rather one network and one journalist sinks to another low.

Barkha Dutt….she of the screeching, shouting, TV soap opera fame has through her network sent a legal notice to Chyetanya Kunte, an Indian blogger.

During the terrorist attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai, Kunte wrote a blog post about shoddy journalism (now deleted) that targeted the shenanigans of Barkha Dutt. However the “internets” never forget and the post lives on here.

Kunte writes

If the terrorists don’t manage to shove you in to your private hell, the journalists on national television will certainly help you get there.

And that is a very valid point.

The Indian blogosphere is rightly disgusted.

Barkha Dutt tries to explain herself on this topic on Facebook.

Gaurav makes a fine point.


Can you imagine if what would have happened if any of the politicians had dared to sue NDTV for libel. Not only NDTV but everyone in English media would be crying fascism like it was Third Reich. This despite the fact that not only a politician has as much right to redressal as NDTV but also he probably has a stronger case for libel against Barkha Dutt (and English media) than Barkha Dutt has against Chyetanya.

Frankly, I think Barkha Dutt screwed up on this one. By unnecessarily making an issue where none exists, she has further lost credibility. This whole incident reminds me of IIPM-gate.

Am no legal eagle (unlike my sister…a real lawyer and all!) but what would happen if Kunte would ignore this notice and ask BD and NDTV to go take a walk?

Lost in Antiquity

Decided to make use to the long weekend, took Deepthi to Chor Bazaar, Haji Ali & Chowpatty. It’s been ages since I last went to Chor Bazaar, We used to go there to buy cheap original sports shoes which used to be flicked from the docks.
Chor Bazaar today has become a must do itinerary on a Firang’s trip to the city and the Bhangarwala’s have become Antique Shops and must smarter, savvy and quote crazy prices for their wares.
Having said that, Chor Bazaar is a fun place to visit and to get lost in antiquity ;-)

Chor Bazaar St


A Landmark Love Story

The Landmark bookstore opens its doors on 23rd January 2009. Landmark has been shut these past three months after a fire broke out in Infinity Mall where it is housed, causing much damage to merchandise and fittings. Mercifully no human casualties except of course for avid Landmarkers who’ve missed the store sorely all this while that it has been undergoing renovation.

I’m irrationally excited over this. Come Friday and I’m making no plans, except to trek back to my favorite bookspot and just savour the feeling of being able to walk around in its interiors again. Is this an indication of the shallow, consumerist lifestyle I lead, that I miss a shop so much? Let me tell you just what Landmark means to me. (more…)

Barcamp5 – 1st Feb,2009

barcamp5, originally uploaded by Bombayite.

Detail here

BlogCamp Mumbai: Traditional & Social Media, Knowledge-Power Systems, Identity & Anonymity

I’m just back from BlogCamp. It was held at the Microsoft office in Kalina and sponsored by

Going by last year’s BlogCamp-part-of-Barcamp, I figured it would be a series of important sounding sessions about SEO and monetization and techie tips. Such a pleasant surprise it was for my techno-greeky (Technology is Greek, Greek, Greek to me!) self to find myself sitting in on conversations about traditional media versus new media, personal blogging, live coverage during the terror attacks and sharing social media with our families!

I thoroughly enjoyed Thakkar‘s humorous talk tracing his early blogging experiences right down to what his relatives thought he did for a living. Techies do have a sense of humour (I stand corrected!) and some of them, like this one are bloody brilliant! (more…)

I Style! – Work Victim

Good morning and welcome to the first Monday of 2009!! Are you disgusted by my over-exuberant cheeriness? If you’re a Mumbaiker, I’m sure as hell that you are. The 5th of January feels like the 2nd and that’s disastrous as far as the workaholic attitude of this city goes. Three whole days later!!! Trains to catch, backlog to clear, traffic to battle and *sigh* all those bloody phone calls and emails to answer!!!!

If all of the above rings true for you, take heart today and resolve if you can to be a little less of a workaholic. Be introduced to the concept of ‘work-life’ balance. And if you’re shaking your head and saying ‘IMPOSSIBLE!’ (which is more likely the case), let’s fall back on the failsafe Mumbai option – service with a smile.

Here’s a snapshot from a conversation I had last year with Pooja.

Me: How’s work?

Pooja: *Gesturing to tee-shirt*


In this deadline-crazed city, humour, humour, humour is not just cool, it’s got I Style!


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