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The funniest part is that this is the second one that I spotted within 20 minutes. I thought the earlier one was a mistake but two? Am I missing something?

JNJT vs Love Story 2050

Apparently Bollywood has taken Karan Johar’s K3G movie caption “Its all abt loving your family” a tad bit seriously. And as a result every one wants to launch their brothers, sisters, kids, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunties and who all.

So last Friday we has 2 new comers whose movies were released. Harman has almost all of his friend (*wink wink * including gal friend Priyanka) pitching in for the mega budget film, unfortunately it was the biggest disaster for 2008 as far I am concerned for a couple of reasons:

• He looks like a clone of Hrithik, if not for his lack of height. He even sounds somewhat like him.
• Bollywood is not yet ready to produce ultimate sci-fi movies.
• He definitely could brush up his acting skills (may be a lot)
• The script was pathetically boring and senseless. Common which 23 year old guy looks up the sky and speaks to his swarg waasi mother. Grow up!
• Its creepy to have a pop singer speaking to a teddy bear look alike robot.
On the other hand I really did not have a lot of expectations from Jaane na Jaane Tu. A not so mega budget movie with the age old college love story. Nothing unusual, probably that’s what worked for Imran. Although a gamble, Aamir managed successfully to launch his nephew with a simple movie.

The platform of chocolate boy aka box next door has been vacant for sometime. If my memory serves right, it was Aamir aka the maamujaan himself a few years back then it was Aftab Shivdasani (for some time). Now I think the Imran has managed to bag the chocolate boy of Bollywood title quite at ease of course with the help of his maamujaan Aamir.

Hot Mama

With the world celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend I realised that the dynamics of motherhood has taken a huge leap. Today Mothers are no more those who are stuck up in the kichen in front of the hot stove cooking sumtious meals for their family, its the age of hot mama/mom in bikinis.

Gone are the days when moms looked like moms. Now its mom who look like their kids elder siblings. Tube tops, off shoulders, capris, backless are the latest fashion trends for the moms in the city. So on this Mothers Day lets meet some of the hottest moms who have flaunted themselves in many front pages.



Long, bumpy rides in Mumbai’s bylanes bring you face to face with some terribly amusing sights.


Pssst….for those of you who can’t read in the Mumbai smog, it says,


Taare Zameen Par -Not a review

Let me clear in advance that I am not a critic or an expert to talk about the technicalities of movie making. Hence this is not a review but just my views about the movie.

3 Previews

This November you are going to be bombarded with 3 mega movies and frankly speaking you will be in in ” to see to not to see” fix. Here is seek peak at the 3 maga movies releasing in November.

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag
Starring Rani Mukerji, Abhishek Bachchan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Kunal Kapoor, Jaya Bachchan and Anupam Kher, the film is about a woman who willingly chooses prostitution as a profession to support her family.

Rani plays the central character of Badki who lives with her parents (Anupam Kher and Jaya Bachchan) and younger sister Chutki (Konkona Sen Sharma) in Varanasi. On the surface, life is fun. The sisters enjoy playing pranks, sneaking off to see a forbidden mujra, and soaking up life on the banks of the Ganges.

But a financial crisis is brewing and Badki is fully aware of it. It gets worse when Badki’s father falls ill. The family is in dire straits and Badki decides to go to Mumbai to seek a living to support her mother and sister.

Alone in Mumbai, she battles with dark forces, keeping her focus on her purpose to support her family and continue Chutki’s education. She deliberately morphs into someone else, leading a secret life full of murky compromises.

As luck would have it, Chutki too comes to Mumbai to work. After her arrival, Badki’s life turns into a minefield because she has to hide her secrets from her younger sister.

Chutki finds success at work and also meets Vivaan (Kunal Kapoor). They eventually fall in love.

While supporting her family and battling with blackmail, Badki gets attracted to Rohan (Abhishek Bachchan) but she lets him go, as she believes he is not meant for her.

After a sequence of events, Badki’s dual life is revealed, and the two sisters find themselves face to face in a confrontation neither had expected. When love beckons Badki again, the whole family is thrown in a tumultuous storm.

Everything threatens to explode in their faces, destroying all of them.

Goodbye, My Sallu.

Okay, I know he hasn’t been arrested as yet but it’s just matter of sometime now.

Sessions Court in Jodhpur which upheld the five-year jail term for actor Salman Khan in the Chinkara poaching case, turning down the actor’s appeal against his sentencing last year. The actor failed to appear for the hearing, saying he missed the flight to Jodhpur from Hyderabad where he is currently shooting.

Salman will now be arrested unless he surrenders before the court himself. [IBN Live]

It’s astonishing isn’t it, the way our thinking works? When Sanjay Dutt was handed with 6 years prison sentence, I felt a little bad but overall was happy with the outcome. As they say, “Justice had prevailed”, though I know there are many who would argue with me on this.

But the thing that bothered me the most since Sanjay Dutt’s punishment was what would become of my favorite Salman Khan. To make things clear, no I am not delusional – I am well aware of the fact that many across the nation are more sympathetic towards Sanjay but not Salman. To the actor’s disadvantage, his past (besides the crimes committed) has a lot to do with it as well – troubled relationships, scandals, (rumored) underworld connection, dadagiri and the likes.


7 Famous Mumbaikars

Mumbai – City of dreams and nightmares. Everyday hundreds flock here to realize their dreams, be it for success, fame, money and many a times as grim as feeding their hunger. Known to be ruthless in its ways, to succeed here one needs have two very important necessities on their side – the survival instinct and the Lady of Luck.

With a number as high as 15 million, there are only a handful among its population who have managed to standout and make a place for themselves in the hierarchy of our dubious society. And keeping in mind the “7 Things about Mumbai” theme, here is my list of 7 most popular citizens of this city, who in very real terms ‘Live Life King size’.

Bal Thackeray – When you mention Mumbai and Politics in the same breadth, the one name that immediately makes its presence felt is, Bal Thackeray, the man behind the now “tainted” political party, Shiv Sena. Often referred to as the ‘Tiger’ by his followers, the cartoonist turned politician has been a center point of many controversies ever since he founded the hardline Hindu party more than 35 years ago. Frankly speaking, I completely detest this man and his party’s so-called philosophy of “sons of the soils”. The reasons are innumerable – their intimidating and (often) violent campaigns, fanatic beliefs, self appointed moral police behavior, vandalism and last but certainly not the least, Mr. Thackeray’s role in sparking anti-Muslim violence in Mumbai, which led to more than 1,000 deaths.

However, no matter how corrupt and immoral his actions have been over the years, the fact still remains that even today Bal Thackeray is described as the uncrowned monarch of the western Indian state of Maharashtra.


Is The D-Day for Mr. Dutt Finally Here? Yes, I Hope So.

Okay, now before you get the wrong impression – it’s not that I have some personal vendetta against actor Sanjay Dutt and so what if I get teased (a lot) as his long-distance twin. What truly bothers me here is the lengthy time-line taken by our judiciary system, to come to a decision. But then again this isn’t just a one off trail; the same “delay” continues to be smacked upon tons and tons of cases nation-wide.

Hopefully July 31st would put an end to the ever-going Sanjay Dutt Trail – either the man’s probation plea gets rejected or he is allowed to walk off with freedom for good.

Judge Kode had earlier declared that Dutt was not a terrorist but had found him guilty under the Arms Act for illegal possession of an AK-47 and other weapons. If the actor’s probation plea for suspension of sentence (on grounds of good conduct) is tossed out, then he could be sent behind bars for a maximum term of five years.

And if one takes into account Judge Kode tough stance, he has sentenced as many as 11 convicts to death; the above scenario seems to be the most likely outcome. Plus sitting behind Yakub Menon in the TADA court while he was handed with “death sentence” must have surely done some damage to Dutt’s moral.

Personally speaking, I think Sanjay Dutt’s probation plea should be rejected. Since he has been convicted under the Arms Act, he needs to be suitably punished for it. As they say – You do the Crime, You do the Time. Obviously the sentencing should take into account his 18 months already served in prison, I guess a slightly lenient term of a year sounds more appropriate.

On the other hand, if Dutt is set free, this decision may not go down well with the certain sections of the society and many others prosecuted under the 1993 blasts case.

Now whether his blue striped shirt and denim pants would help clean out the voodoo off him (and Bollywood), well only time will tell – me just praying for an end, once and for all.

Munna & Bapu in Amrica


Yes the infamous Munna bhai’s gandhigiri has its charm working for the Indians in America too. In a protest against the last minute reversal in policy that would delay the permanent residency Indian green card seekers sent hundreds of flowers to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Emilio Gonzalez in a three-day campaign that started on Tuesday

Inspired by the hit Hindi movie Lage Raho Munnabhai that extolled Gandhian ways of non-violent protest, the green card applicants sent around a thousand flower deliveries to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Emilio Gonzalez in a three-day campaign that started on Tuesday.
On its part, the USCIS response was equally pacific. It plans to forward the flowers to Walter Reed Army Medical Centre and Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington, the main facilities treating US soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, said Gonzales in a statement on the agency website.

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Who says that Bollywood movies are all about signing songs and dancing in the rain..

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