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Did We Pardy or What!

Firstly let me start by giving out the mandatory “thank you” speech. Melody….my partner in crime, you are a Rock Star, thanks for taking care of all the minor (and major) party issues while allowing me to sit back take all the luft.

Would also like to thank the management of Sejos for allowing us to twist their arms to the max so that we bloggers could get the most viable deal out of them. And last but not the least, a BIG thank you to all those who turned up (and a boo-hoo to those who couldn’t make it)….I had one heck of a time and am sure our bash would put all those Bollywoodish…Page 3 parties to shame.

Without any further a due, here are some “Kodak Moments”……


Why Not Mingle When You Are Single ???

A report states that the single women in the city are themselves to blame for being single.

Here are the findings. For the entire study read the article in Mid-Day

Single working women generally go home late

Married working women tend to catch an early train as they have household chores to complete. Even students were found to reach home by 7 pm

Students form groups, usually with college friends

Married working women groups engage in several activities including sharing of sweets and partying in trains on occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries

On the other hand, single married women travel at different times

Unlike working women, single college-going girls find hawkers fun and even married working women are in favour of shopping in trains as they don’t have to travel to buy household items including grocery

Asian and Arab Cinema Fest Comes to City

The 9th edition of the Osian’s-Cinefan Film Festival of Asian and Arab cinema will be held at the NCPA in Mumbai on June 8.

The premiere, in association with the government of national capital territory of Delhi, comes at a time when Osian’s is making a foray into film production and financing budding filmmakers directors. The archive and auction house will also inaugurate its art and film complex, Osianama (formerly Minerva Cinema), early next year.

Aruna Vasudev, president of Osian’s Cinefan explained that the idea behind the film festival was to showcase great cinema as a way to explore other cul tures and “learn more about our own perceptions and attitudes”.

“India may have great passion for cinema. But that is different from having proper infrastructure and a support system for cinema as a great intellectual and cultural experience. We are building that missing intellectual base,” added chairman of Osian’s, Neville Tuli.

The day-long event will showcase six Asian and Arabic films and two exhibitions – one on the apprising of 1857 and another on Japanese posters of world cinema. A forum discussion on the relevance of film festivals will also be held, where personalities like Pritish Nandy, Anurag Kashyap, Sudhir Mishra and others will speak. The Manganiyar orchestra will perform the Manganiyar Seduction at the festival finale. [link]

Kids in a Bar

Cajetan D’Souza, a Mumbai resident writes in to DNA about seeing a kids at a bar. The kids were sent there to pick up booze for their mom who is a ragpicker.

There are many bars that hire these minors as helpers, waiters and table boys. Even after the High Court banned the entry of children in liquor shops and bars, this bar gives liquor to children. How can we see the end of this evil without going to the police?

This really sucks. As much as this is part of the desperate situation the kids and the mother find themselves, this needs to stop.

What would you do if you were in a bar and a kid came in to buy booze ?

Ladies only

Fancy a ride with a woman cabbie at the wheel? If you are a man, forget it — Mumbai’s newest taxi service is for women only.

Sleek silver and white taxis sporting a blue and pink logo bearing the name “Forsche” — a play on the name of the luxury German carmaker and the words “for she”_ has hit the roads for the first time on Thursday which apparenlty was also International Women’s Day.

The service will have special feminine touches like bigger mirrors, a makeup kit with a nail polish remover and a magazine rack. But it is no gimmick.

I am sure if the tariff is at a reasonable rate this concept will be a super duper hit in Mumbai. As it addresses real concerns of female commuters. More women are traveling alone as they break with traditional roles and enter the workplace or even just to go out for the evening. Although Mumbai is considered safer than most cities on the subcontinent, where sexual harassment is rife, Indian women and visiting tourists often complain about being leered at by male cab drivers.

The only males allowed to ride in Forsche cars will be children under age 12. Sorry guys :))

Must admit that this is a nice womens day gift for the Mumbai gals.

Bar Dancers Coming to a Polling Booth Near You

As per a NYT article, out of work bar dancers, are now trying their hand at local elections. Surely will give the politicians a run for their money. Surely gives the phrase “in bed with the politicians” a completely new meaning !!

Out-of-job bar dancers in India’s financial hub of Mumbai said on Friday they would contest elections to the city council in a bid to overturn a ban on their popular nightspots that robbed them of their livelihood. Authorities in Maharashtra state, of which Mumbai is the capital, closed down hundreds of dance bars in 2005 saying they corrupted young men and bred crime and prostitution. The ban saw many of the estimated 75,000 bar girls go away to other states to find work and some reportedly turn to prostitution while many were left jobless.


Nokia New Year Party

Mumbai will be one of the five cities participation in Nokia’s Global New Year’s Eve Party. If you haven’t made any plans as yet, head over to the Andheri Sports Complex and see the likes of Nelly Furtado, A. R Rehman and others in action.
Other cities that are participating in this party are Hong Kong, Berlin, Rio and New York City.



Review Hard Rock Cafe : Not so Rocking!

Finally after a week loaded with office work, I managed to indulge myself in an atmosphere filled with cigarette smoke and alcohol smell.

Went out on Saturday night with some known friends and some newly acquaintances to India’s very first Hard Rock Cafe. Located in one of the old-ages estate, the Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, South Mumbai side. This world famous joint was opened sometime in September this year but had closed down for couple of weeks due some legal issues. However the place is now open to the Mumbai public in full swing.

Melody (The Voice In My Head) who happens to be one of those “party-till-I-die kinda women” and who was also a BIG part of my outing that evening, has put up her views of the place along with some dark but visible pictures.

“The music is great, the crowd is decent & the ambience, well, it is a Hard Rock Cafe! There are all the necessary rock star paraphernalia that goes with the HRC name – the autographed guitars, the crazy outfits (I saw a nice one belonging to the artist formerly know as Prince), the photographs, the trivia. I love it, I love it, I love it. Yes, in case you didn’t get it, I really love it.”

Though I agree with the whole music and ambience bit, I still wouldn’t say that it’s THE place to be on a Saturday night. And No! It’s got nothing to do with the company I was hanging out with.

See, the thing is for me besides good music and ambience; I need good food and plenty of alcohol. So even though Mumbai’s Hard Rock Cafe flaunts about good music, decent crowd and spacious look – sadly, it totally sucks in service.


Midnight Maddness at Mohammed Ali Road

[Phirni – A Creamy Rice Pudding, seen here in flavours of Safron and Almond]

The Minara Masjid twinkles a glorious light green under a cloud of tiny fairy lights as chaos entralls the streets below. In what now has become an annual Ramzan treat for me I decided to haunt the Khao Galli at Mohammed Ali and yes ofcourse savour every lastbit of food I could find.

It's a sweet Ramzan
[It’s a sweet Ramzan]

Here’s a snippet from my last years visit

The red hot charcoal solder as the smoke rises through the tenderised chicken and kebabs into the air, wafting into my nostrils, air such divine. It’s a frenzied scene as full pitched bazaar flows by with smiles and sighs under the green glow of the well adourned mosque and the orange glow from the alleviating traffic behind me. I glance at my wrist watch and it blinks backs 00:00 am at me. I frown in disbelief think out aloud, “It can’t be tomorrow already, the city is alive and awake” My words at any other time would have been audible but today they seem to have been drowned by the life around me.

“Aao Aao Sahb, Mensahb .. Humare Badiya Khana Khao”, “{Come one and all try out our delecious fare} shouted the man next to me in his crisp white kurta and colourful skull cap. Seeing that I was paying him some eye contact he diverted his sales touts to my directions.
People think Indian Bazaars are haphazard, I disagree each market has a finely planned out anatomy. Just like when you’re in a department store and you find the Womens section on the first floor, childrens on the second, and mens wear on the third or sometimes on the fourth depending on where they want to put the lifestyles stuff. In the same way the midnight bazaar has womens shoes, everything from skilettos to juttis on the outer rim. There is also other stuff hair-bands, clothes, costume jewellery etc etc but since I’m not the target consumer I ignore. I by pass the shoes with out second look and move on directly to the good stuff, the food. Back to the anatomy we have the dazzling variety of methais [sweets] and food of all shapes and sizes on the left. Food Court Style yet outdoor very cool.

I was there for the sweets and Suleman Usman Bakery was the place to enjoy them. Phirnis, Maalpuas yum. I lapped down a rich and creamy kesar Phirni till my plastic spoon scrapped the bottom of the terrecota cup it was served in. The Maalpaus pure heaven served hot with their crispy brown honey dipped sweet exterior and their custard creamy interior melting in you mouth as your palate just wanted more. Sensory overload.

Midnight Bazaar

My this showing at Mohammed Ali Road was pretty much like last it was just the quantity of food intake was doubled. The list included Maalpaus and Phirni at Suleman Usman (obviously), Pathar Ghosh (hyderabadi dish where pieces of meat at cooked on a preheated slab of granite absolutely delicious), Tongue Soup at Bademian, a generous intake of sugary faloodas, some sheikh kebabs and finished off with some excellent dudhi ka halwa.

Tongue Soup
[Susanna and Paul trying out their tongue soup at Bademian

It was good I can tell you that.]

Excuse me I have a lot of digesting to do and before I forget Eid Mubarak

Bombay HC lifts dance bar ban

The Bombay high court on Wednesday lifted the Maharashtra government’s ban on dance bars.
This means dance bars with valid licenses can soon resume operations.

Who says Kanoon is Andha!!
I think Night life for millions will be back in Bombay!!!
and yes Congress will win BMC elections next year!!

For those who dunno what Ladies Bars are check out
The only ladies bar which has an ATM in its premises and has Video of the BEst Dances online..

The Ladies Bars are the primary the reason why Bombay is different from rest of India…. A totally filmy world within itself.. you have to be there to see the absolutly filmigiri…
As for me Filmy and Proud of it !!

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