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Reality Show: Terror Mumbai

I got home at around 10pm on Wednesday night. The television was blaring its usual cacophony of detergent operas and soppy suds. Then a relative called to tell us that ‘something big was happening’. We flipped through the channels in quick succession, passing a panel discussion on the consistency of chewing gum (or something that seemed to stretch on similarly), an 80s potboiler complete with gyrating Govinda hips and a tear-jerker selling the benefits of pension plans.

Then we landed on the news channel band. And there it stayed and hasn’t moved since.

MTV’s very own Bakra

Yes our GenX channel MTV did get a taste of their own medicine this Monday. The protest by some Sikhs was against a poster for the On The Job show, which allegedly portrayed a member of their community in an offensive manner.

MTV was promoting the show with the tagline ‘Jobs your parents won’t understand,’ which showed a girl from their community working as a masseur and her father suddenly discovering her new profession.

Ironically, a masseur is not among the careers profiled by the channel on the show.

The protestors managed to trash the office and destroy 3 plazma tvs, each approximately costa 65000/- rupees

Nache Baliye 3

One of the most popular dance reality shows on television, Nach Baliye 3 will hit the screens on Star Plus today at 8pm .
Though the judges have not been announced yet, Subhash Ghai, Ishaa Koppikar and choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant are likely to be roped in.
Let us take a look at the 10 couples in the show:

Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi
Rakhi and Abhishek first met on the sets of a shoot and later, during gym sessions and stunt classes.
Abhishek proposed to Rakhi in South Africa but she didn’t take him seriously. She finally said ‘yes’ during the celebrity reality show, Bigg Boss.
“Abhishek is not just a great dancer but a great cook as well,” Rakhi says. Incidentally, he had his own dance academy in Kanpur during his college days

Shetty and Her Anna

Yes the Shetty gal has gone as the sixth of eleven stars to enter the Big Brother house.

For your information the Indian version of ‘Big Brother’ is currently running on Sony TV as ‘Bigg Boss’ which is produced by Endemol, the company that produces ‘Big Brother’ internationally

“Being a celebrity is really tough,” she said in a pre-recorded clip. Yeah why wont it be with all the celebrity tantrums.. Just look at her here throwing a trantrum over which place she wi l sleep..

This is what Shipa had to say :

“I honestly, truly feel that I am special.”

“I’m very synonymous with glamour.”

“I have never travelled without an entourage.”

“I thought it would be incredible for a Bollywood actor to go there and showcase not just Bollywood but also Indian culture.”

“I don’t put 100% into everything I do. I put 200%.”

“I just want every Indian to be extremely proud that I’m in here.”

Apparently Ms Shetty is being offered a whooping 30 million rupees for the show.Shilpa joins “Big Brother” from Jan 1 and spends the next 25 days on the show.. Lets wait and watch how our Sheetty gal manages to survive in the House of Big Brother..

“Mooli Ke Parathe??”


Have you seen the cute advertisement of KBC? The launch communication showcases a cute kid ( supposedly little Shahrukh) from Delhi, who always keeps asking questions. He keeps asking questions till he reaches a point where he realizes that he is not getting answers for the questions which really matter to him.

He then packs his bags and leaves town with a bag full of unanswered questions and lands up in Mumbai. To his surprise it is the city of Mumbai, which is now asking him the questions.

The promo picks pace from here and goes on to show – how having answered some of these questions, the young lad’s life now comes a full circle, where he is again in a place where he is doing all the asking.

The rest of the film shows that the young boy has grown up as Shah Rukh Khan and is on the hot seat asking questions.

Am sure that It would be totally unfair to even compare Sharukh with Big B… People say that Sharukh always tries to get into BIG B’s shoes… Maybe yeah but Sharukh does go about things in his own style and rather than copy Big B… Although he may be a fan of Big B’s success story. One of the best example I can point here is the song of DON “Kaike Paan”… Big B had made this song a super hit back in the days and today Sharukh has made it even more popular with his own unique dance and style… Even with KBC the promotions are a bit more lighter, and the focus has been shifted from the money to a different angle.. (Atleast the initial ones which are on air now)

Am eagerly looking forward to the new KBC which will be hosted by King Khan. The show goes on air from January 22 from Monday to Thursday at 2100 hrs.

The Great Cable Ban

Has anyone noticed that after the cable cut experience some channels have been banned?? And these channels, according to my Cable operator’s services, that have been banned are :
Etc. because I don’t have a list of all the channels shown in the first place. But these are the ones I noticed because of the huge sign displayed ‘ This channel cannot be displayed until the High Court order is Passed” or something to that effect.
The irony of the situation is that the channels that were opposed (ie: the ones having adult content broadcast) were untouched. Intact.
Zoom, Star World, Zee Trends, Channel F, B4U, MTV, Channel V, are some of the channels which had been mentioned explicitly in the newspapers along with their shows and the timings when naked, lewd, adult images are shown. And it has recently been announced that the female who raised this entire issue (ruckus??), a St. Xavier’s professor, has also said that Cartoon Channels show a lot of sex and violence which corrupts children.
Are cartoons next??

PS: I’m cribbing so much because I cant do without Star Movies, HBO and Star One. All are stellar channels. Does anyone have a way of getting around this too?? Speaking with reference to the advice I got for getting around the recent Blog Ban in its post

Live TV Coverage in the Aftermath of the Bomb Blasts

In the aftermath of the train blasts of yesterday, has been an excellent source of live TV coverage.

If you want to follow the TV channel, and do not get it on your TV set, then go online.

On the top right side of the website u will see a link for live TV. They have a great streaming video stream and its absolutely free. And the coverage, is as good or as bad as it comes. More good…. !

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